Learn About the New Shockwave Blade Classic & Blade Stealth

Unsatisfied with the current pistol stabilizer options on the market, Shockwave Technologies released the game-changing Blade pistol stabilizer back in 2015. Since then, our products have only gotten better. 


As the Blade enthusiast population has rapidly grown the past several years, dealers, firearm manufacturers and DIY gun builders interested in pistol stabilizers have grown right there with it. This demand has allowed Shockwave to continue making advancements to these products to create the best-in-class pistol stabilizers on the market.


In 2020, Shockwave is excited to announce the all new Blade Classic and Blade Stealth.


Blade® Classic

shockwave blade classic pistol stabilizer

The new, veteran-designed Shockwave Blade® Classic pistol stabilizer takes a slightly smaller traditional and signature Shockwave Blade® look with all the new desired features. 


The Blade Classic pistol stabilizer is manufactured to exacting tolerances, adjustable with a simple pull mechanism, and fits all pistols equipped with a Mil-spec buffer tube: AR-15 pattern, MPX, Glock, CZ Scorpion Evo 3, HK9X pattern, etc. It’s made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer with a QD swivel cup (QD swivel not included). 


With the vertical pull mechanism on the bottom of the Blade, you’ll be able to adjust it to different lengths and gain more support, giving you a boost in your marksmanship game and more all-around comfort with each shot.  

Blade® Stealth

shockwave blade stealth pistol stabilizer

The Shockwave Blade® Stealth pistol stabilizer is our latest creation. The new slick look and slightly smaller profile makes it an extremely comfortable brace for any user. The Blade Stealth is adjustable with a simple pull mechanism. 


Just like the Blade Classic, it’s also made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer with a QD swivel cup (QD swivel is not included) and fits all pistols equipped with a Mi-spec buffer tube.


Ultimately, both of the affordable Blade Classic and Blade Stealth pistol stabilizers remain lightweight, durable and thin with its robust design.

Shockwave Blade® Classic and Shockwave Blade® Stealth features include:


  • Available in Black (coming soon in FDE, ODG, and Gray)
  • Side quick disconnect for sling attachment on either side
  • Quick and easy to install. Just slip it on and it locks in place.
  • Provides additional support during firing.
  • Weighs a scant 4.0 ounces.

For dealer orders or packages please contact us at:





How to Remove the Forend Nut on a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870

Say Goodbye to Stuck Nuts!


How many times has this happened to you? You want to clean your Mossberg 500 or Remington 870, but as you’re stripping it down, you find your forend nut is stuck? Or you don’t have the right tool? 

You end up making do with a hammer and punch, or other unsuitable combination of devices. But as you’re wailing away on your nut and trying to get it off, you end up doing some real damage to your gun. 

Next thing you know, you’ve now got to spend the cash to go see a professional for gun repair — and see if they can clean up the mess you’ve created.

Fret no more. 

Shockwave has you covered. Remove and replace your forend in under two minutes with the Shockwave Raptor Forend Nut Tool. Full 304 stainless steel construction, this handy dandy device is proudly made in the U.S.A. 

Being double-ended, one tool fits both Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 guns.

Extra long, the Shockwave Raptor Forend Nut Tool can reach the deepest of nuts on the longest of magazine tubes. Being stainless, it won’t rust like a carbon-steel tool or deform like a nylon or aluminum tool. That means you’re always assured of being able to get off the most stubborn nuts.

Just grasp the tool with your dominant hand, work it over the magazine tube and into your nut. Then just a twist to the left. Voila, your nut’s off. Reassembly is simply the reverse.

Need more leverage? A thin metal bar or even a screwdriver can be inserted through the hole in the end. On exceedingly long magazine tubes, a rubber strap wrench can often be employed with great success.

The Shockwave Raptor Forend Nut Tool features include:

  • Precision-machined in Dunedin, Florida
  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel
  • Won’t rust like a carbon steel tool
  • Won’t deform like a nylon or aluminum tool
  • Remove the most stubborn forend nuts
  • Insert a bar or screwdriver through one of the provided holes for extra leverage
  • Over 4? long for reaching the deepest recessed nuts on the longest magazine tubes
  • No need to remove the magazine tube from your firearm
  • One side fits Mossberg 500 guns and the other Remington 870 and Hawk 982 guns
  • Fits 12-gauge guns with short, medium, long or even extra long magazine tubes 
  • Compatible with the Streamlight tactical forend.

Of course, safety first. Whenever cleaning your Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 (or any gun for that matter), you always want to make sure your chamber’s empty, as you wouldn’t want your gun to go off accidentally.

How the Shockwave ZMAG™ 30 Fixed Zytel Magazine Issues

The Big 80s Were Great! 80s Plastics Technology? Not So Much.



The Issues with Zytel Magazines


Nearly as much as has been written about the issues regarding Zytel magazines for the M-11/NINE guns as the guns themselves. The main criticisms were primarily that the plastic feedlips would wear out prematurely, leading to feeding unreliability, and that the magazine bodies would sometimes split open, which would add to feeding issues — or simply dump your ammo all over the ground.


The springs in Zytel magazines also tended to be quite weak. The springs lacked the strength necessary to tightly push the bullets up against the feedlips, which all too often led to cartridges “nosing down” into the magazine body and causing a jam.

That’s When Shockwave Stepped In

Shockwave ZMAG 30

All these issues with the Zytel magazines created a demand for a better-designed magazine. That’s when Shockwave Technologies entered the picture for MAC owners. Working with a team of American engineers who had decades of experience in sheetmetal stamping, we designed, prototyped, tested, and—in 2014—began manufacturing and selling our ZMAG 30. The 50-round version—the ZMAG 50—followed several months later.


Shockwave’s ZMAGs are the perfect upgrade to liven up your M-11/NINE pistols and submachine guns. They’re designed to last generations with their durable steel construction, feed flawlessly with their polymer followers and dependable Wolff springs, and look attractive all the while with their gorgeous Cerakote finish. The ZMAGs also feature witness holes, so you can see at a glance how many rounds you have on tap at any time.


Strong, lightweight, easy to load, and simple to disassemble, Shockwave ZMAGs are the last word in M11/NINE magazines.

Back-in-Stock Alert: Shockwave ZMAG™ 30


The metal 30-round Shockwave ZMAG for the Cobray M-11 (9mm and .380) is back in stock! Its 8.2 ounce weight and unbeatable design make it head and shoulders above competition.


Shockwave ZMAG 30 features include:


  • Mag stop is a go/no-go feature in our opinion. It prevents over-inserting a mag into your gun and bending your ejector rod, which can quickly ruin your day at the range.
  • Robust, high-reliability feedlips are designed for optimal ammunition feeding. If you have a feedramp that’s out of spec, resolve your feeding issues once and for all with the super-reliable ZMAG.
  • Anti-tilt, low-friction polymer follower ensures the utmost in reliability.
  • Wolff spring improves feeding reliability.
  • Compatibility with the factory Cobray loader and the Butler Creek Uplula lets you easily load your ZMAGs using these very handy loaders.
  • Works with all stock designs, including the factory folding stock.
  • Ammo witness holes on the left side of the ZMAG allow you to see remaining ammo at a glance.
  • Optimally placed mag catch.
  • Rugged black Cerakote finish will protect your ZMAGs for decades to come.


The Shockwave ZMAG 30 fits and functions in all M-11 guns that originally shipped with the Zytel magazines:


  • SWD M-11/NINE Submachine Gun (9mm)
  • SWD SM-11/NINE Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm)
  • SWD SM-11/NINE Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)
  • SWD M11-A1 Submachine Gun (.380)
  • SWD SM-12/380 Semi-Auto Pistol (.380)
  • LEINAD / FMJ PM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm)
  • LEINAD / FMJ PM-12/380 AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Pistol (.380)
  • LEINAD CM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)
  • LEINAD TM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Thompson-Style Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)


*ZMAGs are not available for sale in the following states/areas: CA, CO, CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY, and Chicago*