Raptor Grip Plug for 500/590


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Hi Greg,

Please contact us 727-877-8277 as you either have a 1st gen grip or a fake. This plug should fit in the 2nd gen grip with ease.


Team Shockwave

So just wondering how common it is for the grip plug to fall out. I got a Mossberg Shockwave 20ga as a birthday present mid December. Took it out to the range a week later and the lug that connects the barrel and magazine broke after about 7 rounds. I sent the barrel off to Mossberg for replacement. Got a new barrel via FedEx yesterday. After putting the barrel on the firearm I noticed the plug was missing from the grip. The firearm has been propped in the corner of my bed room waiting for the barrel. The plug must have fallen out when I was shooting it but I guess due to my frustration over the barrel lug breaking I didn’t notice. Needless to say my experience as a Shockwave owner has been less than thrilling.

Hi Thomas,

Bum deal man. I will say that it is NOT common for the grip plug to fall out. Glad that Mossberg was able to help you with a new barrel.
Let us know if you need anything.

Team Shockwave

I’m not trying to insult your company or argue with anyone but I guess I wasn’t clear enough. I WAS letting you know that I needed something: a grip plug. Mossberg did take care of the barrel, they were very helpful with that. When I asked them about the grip plug they said they don’t have any of those and suggested I contact Shockwave Technologies. So I did. The plug shouldn’t have fallen out. I NEVER took it out. The gun was only fired a handful of times before being set in the corner. The plug fell out during light use, the very first time it was taken out of the box. I need a grip plug and I thought Shockwave Technologies would send me one. The ball’s in your court.

My story has a happy ending. Shockwave Technologies sent me a replacement grip plug at no cost! This is a top notch company. You have my sincere thanks. And I will tell everyone how well I was treated.

Hi Ken,

We do not make the wood grip. I would contact Mossberg for who they have make those.

Team Shockwave

Raptor grip plug kept falling out after 2 to 3 shots of any shell. Mossberg replaced it and still kept falling out. Any suggestion?

Do you have any suggestions for how to remove the plug without marring grip?
I’ve got a spiffy new 20-gauge 590 and I want to add a Pachmayr sleeve to the grip. Common sense says removing the grip to slide it over the skinnier end is the way to go, but the grip plug has been pressed in so firmly that it’s actually recessed (just a tiny bit, but clearly in no danger of falling out unassisted).
This is destined to be a gift, so avoiding cosmetic damage is a factor.

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