Aug 22, 2013: Things Are Moving Quickly on the M11/NINE Mag Now

Almost there, guys and gals. Just finessing the follower a bit to ensure the utmost in reliability. Here’s a couple of quick pics for you. The first one is a screenshot of the SolidWorks drawing. The second one is a quick 3D print of the follower. The 3D print is simply ABS plastic. The actual followers will be formed sheet steel.

I know the 3D print isn’t very impressive. The printer I used for this one is just a small desktop 3D printer I built a few years ago. But it’s right here, handy.

Aug 6, 2013: Raptor Grip R870 Is Almost Ready for Primetime—T1 Shots Look Great!

Our mold maker finally delivered—albeit more than two months behind schedule. Today, we ran our first test shots (T1 shots) with the new mold for the Remington 870 guns. The new mold worked great. We just need to send it out for texturing, and then we’ll be running production pieces. The first week of September is our target for delivering these bad boys to the market. So without further ado, here are some pics of the new grip.


Jul 1, 2013: M11/NINE Mag Tooling Progressing Nicely

The production tooling for the new M11/NINE mags is still moving along. It’s quite a project. Anyone who has taken on such a task can likely attest to the fact. But I want to let you know that the mags are working wonderfully. We just need to finish up the production tooling, so we can start making these in quantity. Some pics to let you see what’s happening here.