The Importance of Being Frugal: The Packaging Edition

How many times have you ordered something absolutely miniscule from, say, Amazon—and it arrives in a huge, unnecessary box? Just last week, I ordered a micro SD card for my digital camera (yes, I still use one of those LOL). The box it showed up in was comparatively enormous. Nearly the size of a shoebox. For something that’s literally smaller than my thumbnail? Yes, companies like Amazon are getting better about this and now often ship smaller, more durable products in bubble-padded envelopes. Why? Because frugal packaging benefits everybody.

I don’t need to tell you about wasteful packaging in the firearm industry. Sometimes the box is almost more impressive than the product itself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve unboxed one of my own firearm accessory purchases and thought: “How much did just this box cost? And all the various layers of laser-cut foam? How much extra in shipping did this cost me due to the increased shipping size? Seriously, how much am I into this silly box alone? I almost can’t bring myself to throw this thing in the trash.” Cue hoarder memes.

Whether we like to think about it or not, who ultimately pays for all the designing, manufacturing, printing, and labeling of the fancy packaging–and the additional shipping costs? The consumer does. And what do you do with that fancy little box you may have just inadvertently paid five dollars for? Discard it immediately? Or squirrel it away with all of your sundry smartphone and tablet boxes for the next 40 years—until you or someone else decides to finally get rid of it?

Shockwave does things differently. As you can tell from our retail prices, we believe in providing top-quality products all while keeping costs down. We accomplish this through myriad ways—in-house design, material selection, bulk purchasing agreements with vendors, frugal packaging, and more. But frugal packaging is perhaps one of the more obvious to our customers. Our products are made of high-strength polymer and don’t require over-the-top, wasteful packaging. Many times, we can package and ship our accessories in little more than a branded poly bag. As this costs us less to package and ship, we pass those savings directly onto you. What’s more, I don’t believe any of our customers are ever conflicted about whether or not to toss an opened poly bag.


Also, though we may not want to admit it to the liberals, we all live on planet Earth. And it’s our providence to take care of it for our children and our children’s children. I mean, isn’t Taylor Swift and her private jet doing enough damage on their own? LOL