Raptor Strap Kit 870 Forend

870 Strap Kit


870 Strap Kit


Raptor Strap Kit for Remington 870 Forend

Raptor Strap kit for the Remington 870 forend. Designed for the tactical forearm shown, but will also fit the standard hand guard styles. It will also fit other shotgun models from other manufacturers.

The Raptor Strap kit includes the strap, attachment hardware, and detailed instructions with full-size template. (Forearm pictured is not included—just the forearm strap kit.)

Easy installation, takes about 10 minutes. Improves handling immensely!

Requires a drill with an 1/8″ drill bit and a Phillips head screwdriver for installation.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 oz

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8 replies on “Raptor Strap Kit 870 Forend”

Is possible to have a strap template sent to my email address. I cannot find the one that came with the strap.


Hi, when you say it fits other style tac-14 forends- does this men i would have to drill into the firearm pump

You only drill into the forend. Which on a tac 14 is a Magpul forend. It should work just fine.
Team Shockwave

Hi Kenneth,
It only fits:
Remington 870 12-gauge firearms
New England Firearms (NEF) Pardner Pump Protector 12-gauge
Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Pardner Pump Protector 12-gauge
Interstate Arms Corp (IAC) Hawk Model 98 12-gauge
Interstate Arms Corp (IAC) Hawk Model 982 12-gauge
Interstate Arms Corp (IAC) Hawk Model 981R 12-gauge

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