OpSol Mini Clip



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OpSol Mini Clip

  • The OpSol Mini Clip lets you practice with less-expensive, lower-recoil Aguila 12-gauge 1.75″ birdshot, buckshot, and slug shells.
  • Fits 12-gauge Mossberg 500, 590, 590A1, and Maverick 88 models.
  • Easily installs and uninstalls in seconds to allow use of 1.75″, 2.75″, or 3″ shells as desired.
  • Benefits users of pistol grip only firearms with lower recoil for safe, easy, and comfortable aiming and discharging.
  • Secures in the host firearm well, but can also be taped in with electrical tape for close contact or heavy foliage environments.

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40 replies on “OpSol Mini Clip”

Any plans to make an adapter for the Remington 870 for shooting mini shells more reliable fashion. I can’t get a reliable feed of the mini shells.

Sir, are there any plans from your company to make an mini- clip adapter for the Remington shotgun. The short shells would be perfect for my situation. If you already have them made I will want one ASAP. Thanks for your time and please send me a E-Mail with your information. Larry Fenner

The 870 has a flap feed and is a total different design than the open sliding rail feed of the mossberg, in other words it physically cannot work for the Remington.

Do I need the 1 inch forend adapter nut in order for the raptor forend to fit? Do you supply it with the kit or does it need to be purchased separately?

Why can’t you make a rubber insert for 20 gauge shockwave? A few measurements and set up a die, hot injection mold, what’s the issue? My wife can’t handle the 12 gauge, but can manage a 20 gauge.

Hello, I’m 99% sure I purchased the Shock Stock for a custom Hatsan Escort with a Pistol Grip Full Stock. During Customization I Drilled a few holes to mount a MagPul QD Socket to accept their QD sling. Can you see if I have purchased before, and if so Which Stock I purchased. I will be purchasing several more. One Imidiatley and one in a few month as I customize a new Hatsan Semi-Auto.

Hi Todd,

Sorry, but we don’t have record of you purchasing it from us.

Team Shockwave

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