ZMAGs In Stock Again

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Shockwave ZMAGs for the M-11/NINE guns are in stock again. You can place an order here through the site, or you can call us at 801-815-5178 with your CC info.

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Raptor Grip Feedback from Noted Author Dr. Stephen W. Templar

We received a very nice email from one of our customers, regarding the fit and function of the Raptor Grips for the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870. Dr. Templar was also kind enough to allow us to use this quote:

“The Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip is the best thing to happen to defensive shotguns in decades. It fits great and feels even better. It makes traditional pistol grips on shotguns obsolete. Grab hold of the Raptor. It won’t bite.”
– Dr. Stephen W. Templar, author of rexGun

I must admit that I hadn’t heard of the book rexGun. A quick Google search revealed an interesting question: “Have you ever wondered what sort of firearm or ammunition would be adequate for the sporting pursuit of Tyrannosaurus Rex?” I hadn’t. But hell, if so many of us are concerned about the Zombie Apocalypse, perhaps it’s worth brushing up on how to take down a T-Rex. Should make for a very interesting read.

You can buy Dr. Templar’s book via his website.