Flash Forward MK 1 MOD 1 for .30-Caliber

Flash Forward Mk1 MOD 1


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Flash Forward Mk1 MOD 1

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Shockwave Flash Forward™ MK 1 MOD 1

Help protect your hearing! And do so without a $200 NFA tax stamp!

Shockwave™ Technologies Flash Forward™ muzzle device–now for any .30-caliber firearm with a 5/8”-24 threaded muzzle. Its design redirects the expanding gases at the muzzle of your firearm away from you and toward the target. Because the overall sound level isn’t affected—just redirected—the Flash Forward isn’t considered an NFA item. It’s classified as a simple “threaded muzzle device.”

This hard-anodized, 6061-T6 aluminum “can” mounts directly to your 5/8”-24 threaded muzzle. No need for shims or crush washers. For a semi-permanent installation, a bit of blue thread-locking compound works well.

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