Blade® Pistol Stabilizer






Blade® Pistol Stabilizer

Made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer, the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer is manufactured to exacting tolerances and fits all pistols equipped with a standard AR-15 pistol buffer tube (up to 1.25″ in diameter). Just slip it on and tighten the large set screw for a rock-solid installation.

  • Fits all pistols equipped with a standard AR-15 pistol buffer tube (up to 1.25″ in diameter) AR pattern, Glock, CZ Scorpion Evo 3, HK9X pattern, etc.
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, and Stealth Grey
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Provides additional support during firing.
  • Weighs a scant 5.0 ounces.
  • ATF approved for pistol use 
  • Veteran designed, engineered, marketed, and sold.
  • Made in U.S.A.



Additional information

Weight5.5 oz

Black, FDE, OD Green, Gray

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32 replies on “Blade® Pistol Stabilizer”

Can you tell me the OAL of the Shockwave Blade & the Blade 2.0? I have 2 pistols that I am trying to stay under 26″ on & want to make sure I will be ok before ordering.

Hi Team Shockwave,
Please post the letter from the ATF that states the Shockwave and Shockwave 2 braces are legal to shoulder. Many thanks!

Hi Justan,

They did not provide each brace manufacturer with a letter. There is a generic letter addressing braces in general.

Team Shockwave

Hi, I’ve purchased an AR pistol from a 3rd party that came with a Shockwave blade stabilizer, and an accessory for side folding the stabilizer (says “Law Tactical” on it). The problem is the buffer tube is about 1/4″ or so too short – so the bolt doesn’t travel backwards far enough to catch the hold open latch, (or empty magazine, etc). Is this an easy fix? Is there a shorter spring/weight that I can install?

I just purchased an AR 15 with the Blade Pistol Stabilizer. Is there any way to attach a shoulder pad to the unit?

So a Sig Sauer pm400 model with the ugly Sig stabilizing brace, I want to swap the brace out for one of your sharp looking braces,am I better off buying the full package? Brace,buffer tube,spring ? Thank you

Hi John,

It all depends on what you currently already have that is compatible. You will probably want/need a tube and the blade.


Team Shockwave

Do not add a strap to the Blade. It was approved WITHOUT a strap and therefore if you put one on it that is changing the brace.

Team Shockwave

Of course! Give us a call to place your order with the discount 727-877-8277.

Team Shockwave

I have 2 of your Shockwave stabilizing braces with the KAK tubes installed on my 2 AR-15 pistols and am very happy with them.
Can you please provide a link (I’ve looked on the ATF website) to the General Letter from ATF stating that shouldering the brace (without modification) is permitted without any legal consequences as I’d like to keep a copy of the letter with each pistol to be able to show it if ever the need should arise.

Thank you,

Hi Richie,

Just google “ATF shoulder brace letter”. and you will find it.

Team Shockwave

Hello bought a ak47 with a shockwave brace but its getting loze and cant the buffer tube off is there a tool I can use to get it off to tighen the mount on the ak?

Hi Patrick,

Is the buffer tube loose or the brace? If it is the tube, I would use an AR wrench.

Team Shockwave

Everything I find says it’s within regulations, but have you had any experience with issues whether legal or technical with this on a Tac-14?

Hi Mark,

Which folding stock adapter? All you need is an AR tube adapter and our tubes will work.

Team Shockwave

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