Blade® Classic

Blade Classic


Blade Classic


Blade® Classic

The Blade Classic pistol stabilizer takes a slightly smaller traditional and signature Shockwave look with all the new desired features. Made from high-strength glass-reinforced polymer, the adjustable Shockwave Technologies Blade Classic pistol stabilizer is manufactured to exacting tolerances and fits all pistols equipped with a Mil-spec buffer tube. Just slip it on and it locks in place. Adjustable with a simple pull mechanism.

  • Fits all pistols equipped with a mil-spec buffer tube: AR-15 pattern, MPX, Glock, CZ Scorpion Evo 3, HK9X pattern, etc.
  • Adjustable
  • Available in Black (coming soon in FDE, ODG, and Gray)
  • Side quick disconnect for sling attachment on either side
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Provides additional support during firing.
  • Weighs a scant 4.0 ounces.


Milspec tubes avaliable here


Firearm and QD swivel showns is not included

Designed and intended as a forearm stabilizer for pistol use only. Any redesign or reconfiguration of this product may affect its classification. All federal, state, and local laws apply.

BATFE has ruled multiple times that attaching Shockwave pistol stabilizers with specific features and functionality does not make an NFA firearm. This pistol stabilizer conforms to these BATFE precedents. Additionally, as of December 11, 2018, BATFE/FTISB no longer issues classification letters for firearm accessories, including pistol stabilizers, that are not submitted as part of a complete firearm.

Additional information

Weight 4.1 oz

Black, FDE, OD Green, Gray

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