Flash Forward Not a Silencer for Ruger 10/22

Flash Forward



Flash Forward

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Shockwave Flash Forward™ MK1 MOD 0 aka Not a Silencer™

Help protect your hearing!* And do so without a $200 NFA tax stamp!


Introducing the newest Shockwave™ Technologies Flash Forward™ muzzle device–now for .22lr Ruger 10/22 firearms with factory unthreaded muzzles. Its design redirects the expanding gases at the muzzle of your firearm away from you and toward the target. In testing, we have seen the peak decibel reading at the shooter’s ear reduced by an average of 5.3 db**. (As the decibel is logarithmic, this is a noticeable difference.) However, because the overall sound level isn’t affected—just redirected—the Flash Forward isn’t considered an NFA item. It’s classified as a simple “muzzle device.”

This hard-anodized, 6061-T6 aluminum “can” mounts directly to your factory unthreaded muzzle. No need for adapters. For a semi-permanent installation, be sure to use the included roll pin.


Optionally, extend your pistol barrel to rifle length.

Given an overall length of 5.25” and an interface of 1.125”, the Flash Forward lengthens your barrel by 4.125”. The 1.00” outer diameter fits under many popular handguards.



*Please note that OSHA’s “hearing safe” threshold is 140 dB. The Flash Forward is not an approved hearing-safe suppressor. Please always wear hearing protection, such as OSHA-approved ear plugs, earbuds, or over-the-ear earmuffs.


**Testing methodology: Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT decibel meter microphone placed 0.15 meters left of the left ear. Muzzle, ear, and microphone all located 1.6 meters above ground. 10 shots were fired outdoors—and an average calculated. Ammo: Aguila .22lr Sniper Subsonic 60-grain ammo. Temperature: 72 degrees, sunny. Barometric pressure: 29.98 inches. Average wind speed: 2 mph. Altitude: 342 feet ASL. Humidity: 65 percent.

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27 replies on “Flash Forward Not a Silencer for Ruger 10/22”

Does the Flash Forward have any installation info? Just received mine, the only thing in the package was the device, roll pin and a sticker.

Hi Richard,

Just slide it on and tighten the screw. Pin is there as a more permanent attachment.


Team Shockwave

I have a ruler 10/22 with a bull barrel and the short barrel with a threaded barrel. Will your flash forward device fit on these rifles?

Will this fit on a Ruger 10/22 stock barrel “no sights”, or does it require the little bit of added width of the sight collar on iron sighted barrels

Mounts directly to your standard Ruger 10/22 carbine muzzle. No need for expensive barrel threading. Just remove the front sight blade, which taps out with a hammer and drift punch. A set screw and roll pin secure the Flash Forward in place.

I infer use of this device precludes use of the stock Ruger 10/22 iron sights, and mandates use of an after-market optical sighting system; is that correct?

I have a ruger 1022 with a barrel that is NOT threaded and it has absolutely no sight at the end of the barrel. Will this work? Or is this only usable on barrels that include a front sight? Please let me know!

Will this work on the Ruger 60th Anniversary Model 10/22? It has the protected blade front sight and classic 10/22 flash suppressor muzzle device

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