Mossberg Grip Hardware

M500 HW


M500 HW

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Mossberg Grip Hardware

Did you lose your Raptor Grip M500 mounting hardware? Replace it with this set of 5/16”-18 x 4” SHCS, 5/16” lock washer and flat washer.


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6 replies on “Mossberg Grip Hardware”

I just purchased a plug for my raptor grip for my Mossberg 500 and it doesn’t for !!! How in the world can that be ?! I ruined the damned thing trying to get it to fit and I am not a happy camper !

Hi Dennis,

So sorry this happened. If you have the first version of the grip or a fake, our plug will not fit. Please feel free to contact us via email and we would be happy to help you get a new grip with a plug.


Team Shockwave

Why do you not offer forends for Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 shotguns? Seems they would be a natural progression to your product line. Looking for Mossberg 500 in 410 gauge.

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