Apr 19, 2013: M11/NINE Mag Tooling Still Moving Forward

Okay, maybe I was a bit “optimistic” about when we’d be testing the final iteration of the new Shockwave Technologies 30-round mags for the M11/NINE. (If only I’d commit to a damn design. How hard can it be, right?) But I wanted to give everyone who has been so patient with me an update—and post a few pictures of what-is-now-previous-gen tooling and unfinished prototypes.

I know. I know. It’s taking longer than expected. And I hate to keep changing things. But please understand that I want these to be THE mags for the M11/NINE. Not an easy task when you consider just how sloppy a lot of the work was that went into the host guns—and how different manufacturers took certain “liberties” with the dimensions. (I should have stuck with one of my earlier designs–it worked so well. But no, I had to go and “get all fancy.” IMHO, “K.I.S.S.” really is where it’s at.)

Anyway, without further delay, some pics of tooling and rough prototypes that I just today put the brakes on. We’ll get there. Just give me a couple of weeks to retool and get what I now think will be final final form prototyped.

In the pictures above, you can see the rib tooling I was thinking of using, so I could make the mags rectangular in cross-section and fill in the “void” in the trapezoidal cross-section of the mag well. That idea’s out the door today. You can also see tooling for forming the feedlips as well as drawing and forming the mag bodies as well as the floorplates and inserts.

I appreciate everyone who has written me or commented on the gun boards (favorably). 😉 We’ll get there. I just need a few more weeks. And for my final beta testers, please hang in there as well.

Many thanks to everyone,


Mar 5, 2013: Shockwave Technologies Receives Its FFL

Shockwave Technologies is now an FFL holder! A Type 07 Manufacturer to be specific.

If you are local to Salt Lake City and are looking for something, give me a call at 801-815-5178. I’ll get you the best price possible. If you just need a transfer, I can certainly help you with that, too.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you,


Feb 1, 2013: Raptor Grip Coming to the Remington 870–This Summer!

Well, with my phone ringing off the hook and my email inbox filling up daily, I’ve decided to make a Raptor Grip for the Remington 870. It will offer the same basic shape and all the quality of the version for the Mossberg. It will also ensure that an 870 with a 14″ barrel remains over the magic 26″ OAL number. The mold is being made as I type. Look for the grip the end of spring/beginning of summer. Thank you to all those who have purchased the Raptor Grip for the Mossberg 500 (and my other products). And thanks to those who have prompted the coming version for the Remington.

Jan 15, 2013: It’s Time to Turn the Conversation Around

Anti-gunners often like to ask stupid questions like, “Why do you—or anyone for that matter—‘need’ an AR-15?” We need to begin replying that by owning and displaying our “evil black rifles” that we are standing up for our Civil Rights. The 2nd Amendment is a Civil Right.

I love this pic: