Raptor Strap Kit 500/590 Forend





Raptor Strap Kit 500/590 Forend

Raptor Strap kit for the Mossberg 500 and 590 forends.

Designed for the tactical forearm shown, but will also fit the standard handguard. It will also fit other shotgun models from other manufacturers.

The Raptor Strap kit includes the strap, attachment hardware, and detailed instructions with full-size template. (Forearm pictured is not included–just the forearm strap kit.)

Easy to install. Takes about 10 minutes. Improves handling immensely!

Requires a drill with an 1/8” drill bit and a Phillips head screwdriver for installation.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 oz

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15 replies on “Raptor Strap Kit 500/590 Forend”

Just some ideas that may help with installation instructions:

1. Since the 3/8″ is taped on the drill bit, there is no need to remove the forearm as you know not to drill past that point; just do so with alertness not to drill too deep. This will save time of removing the forearm.
2. When installing the strap, after securing the first end two screws in the forearm, it is helpful to thread one to two threads of the third and fourth screws in the holes of the other end of the strap to make it easier to start them into the forearm holes.

I have always been told that most every accessory you purchase for the Mossburg 500 it will fit the Mossburg Maverick 88. I purchased the Shockwave Raptor Strap Kit for Mossburg 500/590 Forend expecting it will fit the Maverick 88 and according to the instruction sheet it will fit many other models so when I opened the package and held the screws to the end of the forend to check the depth I started to question if the screws will cause damage since they appear to be too long. Will the mounting screws work on the Maverick 88’s forend?

Hi Keith,

While the forend has hand stops making a strap not really necessary you can attach the strap if you want.

Team Shockwave

Would this work with the 500 410?
The one with the 24” vent rib barrel and wood or wood imitation furniture? Thanks.

Hi! I was just browsing your website and I really like your products. I am a new customer looking to make a purchase and was wondering if you have any coupon codes to save on “first orders” by chance right now? I appreciate your time, Thanks!

We don’t have any active codes at this time. Sorry. All the sale items are listed.

That is the standard forearm that comes on the firearm. We only make the strap for it.

What is the min/max “usable” distance from each attachment point? Looking to install on a different platform.

Will the Mossberg forend strap or the Remington forend strap fit on a Charles Daly Honcho? Are they the same length?

The strap is 9 inches. The screws it comes with are for plastic.


Team Shockwave

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