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  1. Mark Akins says:

    Would the raptor grip work on a Mossberg 500 .410 cruiser? Thanks for your time.

  2. Matt says:

    Any plans for a version to fit the B&T APC9/45?

    • Matt says:

      I found the answer to my own question and it’s, yes. Your system already works with the setup B&T has, so we’re good to go.

  3. Jim says:

    Any plans for 32 round “skinny” M11A1 380 mags?

  4. jack kelly says:

    Any plans for rapter grip for win.1300

  5. Mike says:

    No one makes the birdshead grip for the Winchester 1200-1300 anymore ?

  6. mark o says:

    Is this grip good for smaller hands?

  7. Evan says:

    Can you use spacers/sling mount adapters with the raptor grip

  8. Jonathan Dunn says:

    Absolutely BLOWS AWAY the other half-dozen shotgun PG’s I have bought. No Comparison! I can go thru box after box of buckshot, with no ill effect to a hand that’s previously been broken 4 TIMES!!! This is not a cheap “wanna-be” add-on. This is as good as it gets. It far exceeds my expectations. Buy it! You will not be disappointed.
    Jon D

  9. Mark says:

    Any plans about making the Raptor grip available for the FN Tactical shotgun?

  10. E. Kay says:

    ETA on Raptor grip for Winchester SXP Pump please. Thank you.

  11. Pat Hillock says:

    Do you make you Raptor shotgun grip for the Savage model 320?

    Thank you
    Pat Hillock

    • marty says:

      Hello Pat,

      Thank you for writing. We don’t make a grip for that model of shotgun. And there currently aren’t any plans to do so. My apologies.


  12. Mike says:

    I just ordered a raptor grip for my Mossberg and can’t wait to get it. After reading the reviews and watching the video….it made me decide very quickly that I just had to convert a 500 in the mean looking varmint that I want to keep next to my nightstand!

  13. Oxe1121 says:

    I have the raptor grip on my mossberg and love it!! I also just bought a new mossberg over/under 12g shotgun. I was wondering if there are any plans to make a raptor grip to fit this model???? PLEASE

  14. Ron says:

    Hi Marty,

    Wow! fast transaction processing and shipment.

    I appreciate it.

    Also, I’m in sync with your general points of view as expressed on your website.

    Thanks again,


  15. foo says:

    great looking mossberg. i am interested in it. just like this one alert(2) foo

  16. george caruselle says:

    i want to buy mossberg 500 forarm with the strap on it so your hand dont slip off.Like the one you show in your picture.

    • marty says:


      I now offer a forearm strap kit for the Mossberg 500, so you can cost-effectively modify your own handguard. Really makes the gun a lot handier.

      Thank you for writing,

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