Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer Legal to Cheek Weld, Too

We just received word today that, per the ATF, it is also perfectly legal to hold the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer against your cheek when firing. Just make sure you maintain a ray of sunshine between the rear of the Blade and your shoulder. In other words, “don’t use it as a shoulder stock.”

Using the Blade for a cheek weld also gives you an incredible amount of additional stability. I wouldn’t have believed it if a customer of mine hadn’t tried it (with one of the latest prototypes we handed out during SHOT Show) and prompted me to give it a try. That third point of contact against your cheek really gives you a great amount of stability. (I guess three points really do determine a plane. Who knew that junior high school geometry would come in handy some day?) And the recoil of 5.56mm or .300 BLK or even 7.62mm x 39 is easily managed with just one or two hands. 🙂 And according to my contacts at FTISB, two hands on a pistol doesn’t “automagically” redesign the pistol into an AOW—regardless of what the “interwebs” say.

We start shipping here in a few weeks. $54.95 plus $4 shipping.

For more information on the Blade pistol stabilizer, click here.

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