Working on new high-quality steel mag for M11/NINE subguns and semi autos

So I’ve designed and prototyped an all-steel 30-round magazine for the M11/NINE subguns and semi-auto pistols. Works like a charm. Production units are still a ways out. But target pricing is set to be approximately $29. I will also offer discounts for orders over 10 mags. Dealer pricing will start at 100 units.

I’ve decided against posting pics of the initial prototype, as I’ve already got some design changes in the works. And once a pic gets out there, it’s tough to reel it back in. People get that pic stuck in their heads, and when production units look different, there’s confusion, etc. Anyway… Will post pics of the next prototype, which I’m confident will look closer to the production units.

A few of my design criteria include:

  • Attention to fit, finish, and function
  • Robust, high-quality materials
  • Anti-tilt follower
  • Low-friction finish (perhaps Teflon)
  • Incorporation of a mag stop to prevent over-insertion
  • Keep per-mag price under $40–preferably under $30

I appreciate you reading this post–and any suggestions you’d like to make. I’m always open to incorporating improvements.


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I hope these are still in the works,I cant even begin to express how happy I would be to dump my mis-match of mags
for a single type
I would be in for 12+ of a quality steel purpose built mag for my M11/9,this is my only complaint with the little subgun

Yes, still in the works. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it can be sometimes to get people to take your money. 😉 But I do have my foot in line with a premier progressive stamping firm here in the great state of Utah.

-Thank you for your understanding and patience—it’ll be worth it,

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