Sirearms Zver 12 Non-NFA Semi-auto PGO Firearms ONLY $999!


Shawn over at Sirearms/802Traders is always coming up with the coolest stuff. He’s made a limited run of the Zver 12 non-NFA semi-auto PGO firearm. Priced at only $999, you can find them here.

5 replies on “Sirearms Zver 12 Non-NFA Semi-auto PGO Firearms ONLY $999!”

Yes, I bought your receiver on gun broker. What parts do I need to build the shotgun? I read I need a special trigger for it, is that true? How long of a barrel can I put on it to stay in the guidelines to use a pistol grip(less than 18″)? As I understand everything is Saga coorect? Do ya’ll sell the parts?

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