Shockwave Technologies On Duty with New York’s Finest

I obviously can’t name any names. But I’m proud to report that dozens of officers with the NYPD have now fitted the Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip to their department-issued Mossberg 500 shotguns. Now if we can just increase that number to “hundreds.” šŸ™‚

Perhaps a military and police discount is called for. Thoughts?


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I definitely believe there should be a military/veteran, police and first responders discount. 10% would be an awesome and very generous discount for such amazing and well built products!! These products seem to be summed right at former service members, police officers, outdoorsman and gun lovers all around. I would bet that a survey would reveal a very large percentage of sales is made by service members, veteranā€™s and police officers. and My name is Russell Ingram and Iā€™m a service connected and Marine Corps veteran. Semper Fi and OOHRAH shockwave technologies!! I hope to order more through you sad I place my first order. I believe that more Combat vets like myself would purchase larger quantities Of product and more order more often if we had a military/police officer discount code. My email is Please email me back with any follow up questions and or more insight on what I have heard thousands vets talk about wanting women in comes to gear and accessories. Iā€™m an avid shooter myself and so is most everyone I know. I love to help people and would be honored to do a survey or answer questions. I love your products. Thank you!!

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