Shockwave QD Socket testing

You Can’t Make an Omelet Without Cracking a Few Eggs – QD Socket 1 testing

What: Destruction testing of our new QD Socket 1
Where: Dunedin, FL
When: Friday afternoon
Why: Why not?

Sometimes it’s fun to just break stuff. Friday was no different. In an effort to test our latest creation, what we’re calling QD Socket 1, we rigged up a calibrated digital pull scale, a couple of straps, and a few lengths of lumber on one of our electric pallet stackers.

We threaded a Magpul QD sling swivel onto the strap attached to the bottom of the scale and plugged it into one of our QD sockets that we had heat-staked in a Raptor Grip. The Raptor Grip was secured below the lengths of lumber, which were strapped to the lower legs of the pallet stacker. The strap above the scale was attached to the forks of the pallet stacker. With everyone positioned behind safety panels, we started the pull test.

The pressure climbed quickly: 70 lbs., 120 lbs., 170 lbs., 210 lbs., 260 lbs., 310.4 lbs., then SNAP!

The sling swivel broke but the QD Socket 1 was unphased. No signs of damage to the socket or any hint that it was ever going to come out of the Raptor Grip. We repeated the test several more times with very similar results. Every time, the QD sling swivel loop failed. Eventually, we ran out of sling swivels. Testing was complete. QD Socket 1 was ready to put into production. (It’s difficult to think of such shenanigans as “work.” Damn I love my job.)

Be sure to look for QD Socket 1 in upcoming products from Shockwave Technologies. Your firearm will thank you.

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