Shockwave Blade Is ATF Approved!

Hello to the faithful. We just received our approval letter from ATF Tech Branch this afternoon. The patent-pending Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer is a go for pistol use. Look for them to be available in March 2015.

If you would like to get on the notification list, please email us.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all those who have believed in us all along,

P.S. Here are a couple of scans of the ATF approval letter. As noted, the Blade is neither designed nor intended to enable a user to fire a weapon from the shoulder.

Again, thank you to all the faithful. People who need more stabilization to safely, accurately shoot their pistols now have a better option.



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I can only see page two……if I click on page one, it still shows page two….is it supposed to do that? Looking forward to this accessory….too late for Christmas, but my birthday is in March. so…… 🙂

I’m so glad you found a way to help you and all the other wounded vets enjoy shooting more. Thanks for your service!! Our nation is eternally indebted to your sacrifice.

Hi Jake,

Thank you for writing. Each Blade pistol stabilizer ships with a printed copy of the ATF opinion letter.

Thank you again,

As a paralyzed US Army veteran I am really excited to find this finally available. I have limited control of my hands and with this product I will be finally able to shoot my AR pistol with safety and confidence. I placed my order today and am really looking forward to using it. 🙂

Hello Gary,

First of all, thank you for your service and your monumental sacrifice. Thank you.

We will get your Blade pistol stabilizer out this afternoon and on its way to you.

Thank you again for everything,

Hey Marty, is it possible you will consider an all in one unit that will mount with the grip screw of an AK pistol? Current ATF letters indicate that placing a buffer tube on an AK pistol is no go, and have only mentioned the sb15 as a possible exception.

We will probably work with KAK Industry on something for the AK pistols. Stay tuned.

Thank you for writing,

Hello Marty, I’ve been wondering if any news on the AK setup as of 2016? Can the existing mount be modified? Also, any original RPB M-11 380 mags in the works, especially, the 10 rounders? Like your listed product line very much.

Hello Phred,

For an AK setup, I would get in touch with Michael at US Machinegun. He has all the parts you need.

Thank you for writing,

I just put this on my AR15 pistol because the barrel was really heavy and I needed to balence the weight. It does an excelent job at that and I like how solid it is. Better looking then the sig brace and more affordable. Keep up the good work.

Hey guys, hope all are well.
I have a “ shockwave blade stealth “ stock on a rifle with a barrel that’s 10.5 in length. I don’t believe the shockwave was ever considered a brace and it’s surface on the back side is so small, it wouldn’t be stable enough to shoot from the shoulder like a regular stock, but with these new rules from the ATF, am I still legal? Many thanks, Kevin

As of today (11/10/23), there is a nationwide injunction in place to prevent any kind of enforcement. Of course things can change.

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