Stirring Up the Blogosphere…

It looks like we have a couple of people blogging about my new bird’s head grip for the Mossberg 500—and some of its great uses. šŸ™‚

Say Uncle: Another NFA Hack

Sipsey Street Irregulars: Calling the ATF on an Insane Ruling

I guess any publicity is good publicity. šŸ˜‰ Regarding the DD suggestion, I can’t see ATF calling PGO 12-gauge firearms Destructive Devices. That would cause quite a mess for the ATF, as there are literally hundreds of thousands of PGO Mossberg Cruisers and Persuaders already in existence. And I don’t see them classifying all of those as DDs.

Another commenter posed the scenario of possessing both the 14″ configuration as pictured and a bone-stock Mossberg 500 in the same place. His concern centered on “constructive intent.” However, constructive intent wouldnā€™t play into it, as all the items in that scenario would have a legal use. Constructive intent only applies when there is no legal use for a combination of items. Thompson proved this in their case with the Contender setup with both a long and short barrel and a pistol grip and a stock—and only one receiver.

Like I’ve mentioned, I’m not a firearms attorney. But I had my own lawyer examine this subject (before I built my personal 26.5″ PGO firearm). His determination was that I am on the right side of the law with my firearm. But he only represents me.

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