Look What Remington Has Been Up To…

Well kudos to Remington. It looks like they’re finally getting in the PGO (pistol-grip-only) firearm business in a serious way. (Until recently, it’s been nearly impossible to find PGO 12-gauge Remingtons. I’ve heard that there have been runs of them in the past, but I’ve personally never seen one just sitting in a shop.)

I got a tip from a customer (Thanks, Mike!) that these PGO Remingtons were becoming increasingly available. I called up my local shop, Gallenson’s in Salt Lake City. (Great shop BTW.) Sure enough. They had them in stock. An hour later, I had one in my hands. All mine. 🙂 I think PGO 12-gauges are the handiest little hand cannons this side of Destructive Device territory.

For those interested in these guns, call your local gun shop and ask if they have them in stock. Online, you’ll run across the part number 81191. Put that number out of your head. My shop couldn’t even locate that number in their book or through their online dealer interface with Remington. The part number I got was 81187. This seems to be the number that Remington is now using for these sweet little beasts.

Some quick specs for you on the Remington 870 EXPRESS TACTICAL PISTOL GRIP (81187):

  • 12 gauge
  • 3″ chamber
  • 6+1 capacity (with the factory-installed 2-shot extension)
  • 18.5″ barrel
  • Pump-action
  • Receiver milled from a solid billet of steel
  • Black pistol grip stock
  • Black tactical forend
  • Sling attachments
  • Bead-sighted barrel
  • Durable blasted black oxide finish on exposed metal part

Now I just need to design a Raptor Grip for it. With a 14″ barrel and Speedfeed’s birdshead grip, it only measures 25.5″—not long enough for the non-NFA thing. The “Raptor Grip R870″ would bring the overall length to 26.5” 🙂 Contact me if you would be interested in a Raptor Grip for the Remington. The mold will run about $25,000. So I need to know that I’ll be able to sell a few of these. 😉