DOJ/ATF on “Stabilizing Braces”

Stabilizing Braces


DUNEDIN, FL, December 17, 2020:

With the overnight news of the DOJ/ATF releasing information on how the FATD classifies firearms with “stabilizing braces,” Shockwave Technologies has been inundated with phone calls and emails. Let us assure you that, to the best of our knowledge, our ATF-approved pistol stabilizers remain 100% legal for pistol use. Shockwave has not been contacted by the ATF regarding any of our pistol stabilizers in several years.

It’s business as usual for us.

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So it’s hard to keep up with all these laws that seem to change overnight.. I have a CZ scorpion with the buffer tube kit with a Sig brace. But have been thinking about adding another scorpion with the folding stock, just wondering how this is legal with the atf since the barrel is so short. Wouldn’t it be considered a SBR? Thanks.

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