Press Release: Shockwave Responds to BATFE Open Letter on Sig Braces

Salt Lake City, UT (January 21, 2015)—Shockwave Technologies has issued the following statement about the BATFE open letter on Sig braces.

The January 16, 2015 BATFE open letter, OPEN LETTER ON THE REDESIGN OF “STABILIZING BRACES,” is limited to the SB Tactical product line and does not affect Shockwave Technologies products.

As confirmed in a letter by BATFE’s Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch dated December 15, 2014, the Shockwave Technologies Blade pistol stabilizer is legal to purchase, legal to own, legal to install, and legal to use on a pistol. Shockwave Technologies believes that the Blade improves marksmanship by providing additional support of a pistol while a user still holds and operates it with one hand. The company offers the product as an add-on accessory.

“We obviously defend the classification of every one of our products. And customers, of course, have the right to use them legally,” stated Marty Ewer, owner of Shockwave Technologies.


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