Shockwave Blade Design Finalized

We’ve finalized the design of the patent-pending Shockwave Blade. The pistol stabilizer is held securely in place on a standard (1.25″ OD) pistol buffer tube with a single large set screw. Weight is 5.0 oz.

Initially, the Blade will be available in black and FDE (flat dark earth). (The graphic above is gray, so you can see some of the details of the pistol stabilizer.)

We are still awaiting the ATF Tech Branch opinion letter on our pistol stabilizer. The last we spoke with the duty officer at Tech Branch, he said he’d speak to the FTO assigned to classify our device and see if they could get us the opinion letter by the end of November. Once we have the opinion letter in hand, it will take us approximately three months before we have production units ready to ship. So we are looking at March for initial deliveries to begin.

To get on the Blade waiting list, email us.

Thank you for everyone’s interest in the Blade pistol stabilizer,

3 replies on “Shockwave Blade Design Finalized”

You should call it a “firearms stabilizer” not a pistol stabilizer. ATF might approve it for pistols but might not if you try to use it for “firearms”. Maybe Model 2 can be so designated.

I like this design much better than the competition. One suggestion to make slinging more versitile – add a slot under the RE just forward of the vertical rear surface. See any CAR stock to see what I mean.

Good luck with the approval!

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