Are Gun Show Promoters Out to Disarm Us?

So gun shows are “supposed” to be the last bastion of freedom in our country. Yet, every single gun show I’ve ever been to demands that you don’t carry in a concealed weapon. Forget that. I ALWAYS carry my CCW into the gun shows. I will not be a victim—no matter where I am. Shame on any gun show that attempts to disarm its patrons. And the NRA works at and promotes these shows/these “gun-free zones”? That makes NO sense whatsoever. To all gun show promoters, I, Martin Ewer, will be carrying my concealed carry weapon into your gun show. Yes, when asked, I will lie to you—not an easy thing for me to do. But you will not disarm me. You will not put my family at risk. You are hereby publicly notified. I understand that it is likely a stupid insurance thing—or put more bluntly, a gun show promoter just being cheap on their insurance expenses. But you won’t even know it’s me. You don’t ID anybody—and that’s a damn good thing.