Anti-Gun Agenda Won’t Save Children

At the top of my mind these days are Obama’s plans for disarming honest law-abiding citizens like you and me. Unfortunately, the proposed feel-good legislation won’t save a single child’s life. Evil knows no limits and recognizes no laws. All the proposed laws will do is cripple the U.S. gun industry. Is this part of the economic recovery that you promised, Mr. Obama?

That’s why we need REAL CHANGE in the U.S.: Primarily, we need to abolish gun-free zones–aka “Victim Zones.” I for one would feel much more comfortable knowing that at least a few educated, well-trained concealed carry permit holders were “on duty” at my kids’ school, able to protect my children if ever necessary. You will never stop a crazy person by enacting laws that only sane, law-abiding persons would abide by. You will only stop them with an armed confrontation.

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