Dec 2, 2013: Raptor Grip R870 ON SALE!

The Raptor Grip for the Remington 870 is currently $5 off. For a limited time, instead of its regular price of $31.99, it is only $26.99 You can order the […]

Dec 1, 2013: ZMAG Beta Testing Concludes

With all beta testers having reported in, I can give the final numbers. With over 4,800 rounds fired through the 12 test mags, only a handful of feeding errors were […]

Nov 21, 2013: ZMAGs: The Final Cut

We still have several beta testers who haven’t had a chance to test the new ZMAGs. But their input is due any day. Based on what we’ve heard back from […]

Nov 11, 2013: ZMAG Beta Units Shipping Tomorrow!

We are finally shipping the beta-test mags tomorrow! Developing the Shockwave ZMAG for the Cobray M-11/NINE SMGs, pistols, and carbines has been a long, arduous, expensive, time-consuming adventure in engineering […]