Shockwave 50-Round ZMAGs: SOLD OUT

We are now sold out of 50-round ZMAGs. We still have some 30-rounders in stock. If you would like to get on the waiting list for the next batch of 50-rounders, please email us at The next batch should be ready by late July.

Thank you to all our great customers,


6 replies on “Shockwave 50-Round ZMAGs: SOLD OUT”

Hi, I would like to get on the waiting list for five 50 round shockwave mags. I have a Mac11A1 with the large magwell. Thank you.

Hello, I would very much like to be put on the wait list as well for the 50 rd m11/9 magazines. If you could do that please let me know!

Marty, I am also interested in being added to the waiting list for six (6) M11/9 magazines please. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Scott.

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