Raptor F1 Forend for Mossberg 500/590 Kit

Raptor Forend for Mossberg 500 Kit


Raptor Forend for Mossberg 500 Kit



Shockwave Raptor F1 Forend for Mossberg 500/590 Kit

The Shockwave Technologies Raptor F1 Forend, Heat Shield and Forend nut tool is MADE IN AMERICA. With the forend enhanced texture, you gain a great hold on your firearm. Its glass-filled polymer construction is virtually indestructible.

When you want to turn up your shotgun’s badass factor up to 11, reach for the Shockwave Raptor F1 forend. Cutting-edge design meets improved handling and fast target acquisition. A bolt-on replacement for your factory or aftermarket forend, the Shockwave F1 is available as a standalone forend, with an optional upper heat shield, and an optional forend installation tool— or any combination thereof. This Kit includes the forend, heat shield, and forend wrench tool.

Features include:

  • Rugged glass-reinforced polymer
  • Lightweight
  • Extra length lets you personalize forward handhold
  • Ribbed inset area provides secure gripping
  • Front and rear handstops improve safety
  • A total of 10 M-LOK® slots for mounting lights, vertical grips, angled grips, Picatinny rails, and more
  • Includes the upper heat shield to prevents burns and offers rifle sights for fast target acquisition
  • Includes forend wrench simplifies and speeds installation
  • Compatible with Mossberg 500/590 12-gauge firearms with a 6 3/4 or a 7 3/4 slide action tube
  • Veteran designed
  • Made in U.S.A.

Firearm shown is not included, however.

Installation instructions

**FOR MOSSBERG MAVERICK 88 and MOSSBERG 500 Cruiser / Persuader with a pinned forend will require you to change the action slide and tube with Mossberg part number 11603P. **

*The Raptor F1 heat shield is not compatible with receiver-mounted rails 

Be sure to closely check fit, function, and clearance — many receiver-mounted accessories are NOT compatible with the Raptor F1.*

Additional information

Weight12 oz

Black, FDE, OD Green, Gray

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31 replies on “Raptor F1 Forend for Mossberg 500/590 Kit”

Yea, sorry JG, we only have them for the 12g but we do have a Raptor grip that will fit the 20g.

Is this the F1 model I should get for a Mossberg Thunder Ranch (the one with the breach barrel) or the other F1 model for the 590 & shockwave? It’s listed as a 590, but it has 500 stamped on it. I’ve had trouble buying parts for this in the past. Thanks!

Hi Giovanni,

If your firearm has a welded heat shield on it this will not work. If you 590 has the standard forend this will work.

Team Shockwave

Love to hate it! I have it! It fits well, but I hate the M-LOK! My sling breaks off! Will this model be upgraded with 3 way trirails soon?

Kind of disappointed. Took my shockwave to the range after putting the f1 raptor on it, and it only took the 2nd round and it made the heat shield fly off. I used regular bird shot #8 (low recoil) it just didn’t hold up. The grip looks great I loved it. But not sure what can be done to fix it. I’m not trying to run the companies name into the dirt. They have great products just leaving a honest review.

Looks pretty good, went to install it on my 590 Shockwave, and the spacer was not included, so the forend just slides loosely back and forth. How do I get the spacer?

Hi Jordan,

Looks like you had ordered the one for the Mossberg Shockwave that has the smaller slide action tube. Not to worry though. We will get you an adapter shipped out.


Team Shockwave

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