3D Print of Final Version of Blade Pistol Stabilizer

I printed out the final version of the Blade pistol stabilizer. Thought some people might like to see what it looks like in the real world—even if it is 3D printed in white ABS.

Since we are going to SHOT Show 2015, I wanted to have some samples to show folks. So we are using this 3D print to create an RTV mold that we can then cast samples from in black polyurethane. (Look for me in my Shockwave Technologies hat and t-shirt.)

In this last photo, you can clearly see the ergonomic advantage the Blade pistol stabilizer has over competing products. As you know, when you hold a pistol, your arm comes into it at an angle—not straight on.

For more information on the Blade pistol stabilizer, click here.

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