My Heart Goes Out to the Victims and Survivors in Newtown, CT

I can’t even begin to imagine the pain associated with losing a child to death—let alone losing one at the hands of a madman.

That’s why I pray that Mr. Obama petitions Congress for some REAL CHANGE: Primarily, we need to abolish gun-free zones aka “Disarmed Victim Zones.” I for one would feel much more comfortable knowing that at least a few educated, well-trained concealed carry permit holders were “on duty” at my kids’ school, able to protect them if ever necessary.

You will never stop evil by enacting laws that only sane, law-abiding persons would abide by. You will only stop a crazy with a gun with an armed confrontation. Note that Lanza only committed suicide when he heard the first responders coming—“good guys with guns.”

Imagine how many more children principal Dawn Hochsprung could have saved had she had an M4 locked away in her office for just such an emergency. She could have confronted that sick SOB immediately after first hearing gunfire.

You’ll note that the Clackamas mall shooting in Oregon was quickly ended when a concealed carry permit holder, Nick Meli, confronted the crazy man with his legally concealed firearm. Meli didn’t even need to fire a shot. The killer immediately retreated and took his own life upon being confronted. If only someone at Sandy Hook had been able to confront Lanza in such a way—many of those innocent children might have been saved that day.

Evil knows no limit—and cares about no law.

Give your children a hug.