Now Shipping: Blade Kits for Full-Size Glock Pistols

Today, Shockwave Technologies is proud to introduce a complete Blade kit for full-size Glock pistols. Significantly improve the accuracy and safety of firing your Glock.

Shockwave has teamed up with ENDO Tactical to be able to offer this exciting kit. Please note that the TSA-G adapter is the genuine, made-in-the-U.S.A. article. (Not one of those cheesy Chinese ones sold on Ebay that don’t fit.)

The kit includes everything you need to install the sleek, lightweight Shockwave Blade on your Glock pistol:

  • Shockwave Blade, black with cone-point set screw
  • KAK Shockwave tube with dimples
  • KAK castle nut
  • KAK endplate
  • ENDO Tactical TSA-G adapter for Glock
  • All mounting hardware

We are currently shipping these complete kits at the low price of just $113.95. Learn more here.

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I purchased this item from another retailer, before I found shockwaves own site. The product is amazing, but do yourself a favor and purchase it here. One Source Tactical said they include all mounting hardware but they do not, when I inquired about it they said it’s not needed and that if included would be too expensive, their kit is only $3.00 cheaper. Please buy from here and avoid the headache that I went through dealing with the othes poor customer service.

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