Mossberg Introduces the 590 Shockwave!


Mossberg has introduced the 590 Shockwave 12-gauge firearm. A non-NFA firearm, these transfer just like any Title 1 pistol, rifle, or shotgun. It features a 14″ barrel and associated 590 front-end components as well as the Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip for M500.

Team Shockwave is very proud and honored that Mossberg has chosen to pair our grip with their newest offering.

The part number is 50659 (UPC 015813506595). You can find the release information here:

Some press on the new offering:

2 replies on “Mossberg Introduces the 590 Shockwave!”

Congratulations Marty!

I was very glad to see Mossberg coming on board regarding your innovative creativity. This new Mossberg model makes for an excellent product partnership.

If anyone has any doubts about buying products here, you should be confident. It was a pleasure when I got to speak with Marty years ago and he answered all of my questions. A real stand up guy that has great stuff to offer the industry.

Great to see this partnership and congratulations on working out this new offering straight from Mossberg. I’ve been hoping to see this for a few years but never thought I would – very glad to be proven wrong! Looking to buy one as soon as they become available. I had recently bought a Raptor Lug to make my own non-NFA shorty but I’m sure it will be happy to hold down papers around my desk instead 🙂

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