NEW! ZMAG-S Mags for Suomi M31 and Lage MAX-31 Guns


Shockwave is proud to offer the ZMAG-S magazine for M-11/NINE and M11-A1 guns

Outfitted with the excellent Lage Manufacturing MAX-31 and MAX-31A uppers. These are 30-round stick mags designed to fit original Suomi M31 guns and again those MACs with the Lage MAX-31(a) uppers. We started shipping these just this morning. 


Get them here 

13 replies on “NEW! ZMAG-S Mags for Suomi M31 and Lage MAX-31 Guns”

I would also buy a 12 pack and have 3 friends with lage uppers and no zmag-s31’s who would be interested. Not sure how much interest/presales/group buy might be necessary to warrant tooling up again,or if it’s at all feasible, but figured I’d throw it out there.

If you resume manufacture of your Z mags for the Suomi M31 9mm please let me know. I would like to purchase several of them.

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