The 14″ Mossberg 500 That ISN’T NFA!

If you want to convert your Mossberg 500A (12 gauge) to a 14” barrel—legally, of course—you will need to order a total of eight front-end parts from Mossberg. Give Mossberg Customer Support a call at 1-800-363-3555 and order one each of the following:

13488 Tube Nut 500A/835 $8.53
11239P M590/835 Mag Cap Parkerized $14.00
12410P Magtube M514 Parkerized $14.00
12392P Magazine Spring Retainer 590/835 Parkerized $3.50
12194 Spring, Magazine 835 $3.50
12359 Forearm, M514 $20.00
16033P Bbl Asm 514Bead Hvy/w Parkerized $100.00
12362P Action Slide Asm 500/514 Parkerized $22.00

Prices listed above were current as of March 1, 2015. With shipping, the total was $196.56.

Recently, I heard that Mossberg now has a part number for the whole front end assembly: 92514. You can now call up and just give them that number, and it will get you one of everything on the list above.

You can then probably sell your original front end online for anywhere from $75 to $200—and recoup a significant part of your costs of upgrading to the uber-cool 14” front end. All NFA rules apply, of course.