Finding Wilson

The search is on for our hardcore fan, help us find Wilson.

It’s amazing how the universe works sometimes. You need a subject for a blog article and someone forwards you this picture.

Like your other ideas even compared to this. LOL Now, while I’m not advocating for our customers to run out and try to one-up each other with the tattoo needle, I do have to say that, at this point, this guy might be our most hardcore fan. Just sayin’. We received this picture from one of our vendors who got it from the tattoo artist that did the work. We’ve asked the sender for contact information for this guy. We’d love to learn more about his tattoo. Including, for example, who is Wilson? Is he Wilson? Is Wilson a relative? Is it for Wilson the volleyball who sailed off alone at the end of Castaway? It doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Wilson Combat, as the receiver is marked with a large Aero Precision-type “A.” Inquiring minds want to know more. At the very least, we would like to send him a Shockwave t-shirt. You know, for those times when he doesn’t want to show off his new ink. A guy needs to represent, ya know.

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