ATF Clarifies Shouldering Pistol Stabilizers

ATF Clarifies Shouldering Pistol Stabilizers

As you’ve probably heard or read by now, the ATF has clarified its position on shouldering pistol stabilizers.  They’ve opined that sporadic or situational shouldering of a pistol stabilizer doesn’t automagically create an NFA item.

And credit where credit’s due: Kudos to those who pushed for the clarification.

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thanks marty for the info,i did see this on youtube and I do own two blade stabilizers that work excellent!one other thing I was watching sob tactical Friday night live w/john McPhee and he did say some his students do use the blade in his training classes and he likes them a lot.if john said it good to go then its good to go! he tells how it is no good luck marty and shockwave team!

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