ATF Says That Shouldering Shockwave Blade is Okay!

Okay, Shoulder your Brace!

I just got off the phone with a very nice gentleman at ATF Tech Branch—who was fielding these calls today. (He was, understandably, very well versed on the subject—and very nice about it even though he’s been on the phone all day, repeating himself ad nauseam.) I identified myself and asked him specifically if the letter that’s making the rounds is limited to one company’s products–or if it applies to all pistol stabilizing braces. He said: “The letter covers all pistol stabilizing braces, including the Shockwave Blade.” So that settles that.

He then gave me a bit of further guidance for our customers:

  1. By “permanent affixing,” ATF considers that to be adding permanent Loctite to the large set screw that secures the Blade into the dimples in the KAK tube. As long as you don’t red Loctite the set screw in place, ATF considers it to be “temporarily placed” and “perfectly okay to shoulder.” (He didn’t beat around the bush on this topic.)
  2. “Length of pull”—for lack of a better word regarding pistol braces—begins to enter a “gray area” above 13.5″. Above 13.5″ begins “to enter shoulder stock area.” (His words. I believe this has to do with the “comfortableness” aspect.) On an AR-15, the “length of pull” for the Blade is approximately 13.13″, so no issues there. But if you use the Blade on a firearm that requires a large adapter of some sort, please make sure that you only use the dimples up to the point that you remain below the 13.5″ length. Stay below 13.5″ and according to ATF, it’s okay to shoulder a Shockwave Blade.

So there you have it. Anything you read to the contrary on a web forum, social media site, or industry blog is simple misinformation by people who are not being completely honest.

38 thoughts on “ATF Says That Shouldering Shockwave Blade is Okay!

  1. It would be nice to have a genuine letter to prove to local law enforcement that it’s ok. I know it’s a case by case it seems like with law enforcement but having it for piece of mind is nice.

    1. Hello Josh,

      The agent I spoke with said that they are going to have to issue another letter or statement—perhaps on their site—with more specific information. It sounded like the number of phone calls they received today was ridiculous.


  2. Can people please for the love of God stop contacting the ATF to make really really sure they said something? Don’t ruin it again like last time. I bet they reversed their original standpoint based on all the neckbeards pestering them.

    That is all, love my Shockwave Brace and it is best pistol brace.

  3. This is almost too good to believe.
    Thanks for your efforts in clarifying the Blade’s status so quickly.
    I have the dimpled tube and a LAW tactical adapter.
    As it happens, the dimple that I randomly set the screw into measures a 13.25″ LOP
    Thanks again for the awesome follow up on this.

  4. So you are saying that you cannot permanently fix the blade to the buffer tube correct? If you hand tighten the blade you are fine, right?

  5. Is the Blade legal without the strap, the one I bought at a gun show did not have the strap in the package?

    1. I was most recently told by Tech Branch that ATF is working on an industry Q&A that will answer everybody’s questions. It’s described as covering all pistol stabilizing braces on the market, including the Shockwave Blade. I imagine that it will be easily printable from

  6. I just bought the shockwave brace for my pistol and was just wondering if the ATF has actually released the letter?
    I read all the above posts and there is no mention of any links or download options.
    It would be nice to keep a copy in my case on the off chance I run into a LEO who is unaware of the ATF’s clarification.

    1. The ATF Letter states in the last paragraph that this letter is for the shockwave 2.0 ONLY. it also states in line 4 that removing the strap makes if void as a brace. You never submitted a strap with the example to the ARF. it also NEVER states anywhere in that letter that it can be shouldered

      1. Hi Jeffery,
        All great questions.

        There is a letter for both Blades linked in the product description for each product on our site.
        The strap detail is if a brace was designed and made with a strap – you cannot remove it. Ours are not made with a strap so that part is not relevant.
        There is a generic letter referring to shouldering braces in general. They did not submit a letter to each manufacturer.


        Team Shockwave

  7. I just acquired a 10.5″ barrel AR15 pistol with a shockwave blade and wanted to make sure it was legal to shoulder the brace cant really find the correct answer ..if so can a formal letter link be provided so I can print it off …

    thank you
    Sincerely, chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      There is a generic letter you can find online. They did not submit a letter to each manufacturer.


      Team Shockwave

  8. I just recently acquired a 10.5″ AR15 pistol with a shockwave pistol brace and would like to know if I can sholder the shockwave blade pistol brace in 2019 …if so can a formal letter link be provided for me to print off ..
    Thank you
    sincerely, Chris.M

    1. Hi Chris,

      There is a generic letter you can find online. They did not submit a letter to each manufacturer.


      Team Shockwave

  9. I have one of the older versions of the Blade that came with three strap slots but did not come with any straps installed. Can utilize any or all three of these slots and attach straps to stabilize the brace on my forearm? Similarly, am I able to utilize any or all three of these slots to attach a traditional or single-point style sling? I want to make sure as the BATF letter mentions some straps that may have been attached to a previously submitted design. Thank you for being patient and answering all these questions for us.

    1. Hi Josh,

      The Blade was approved as designed with no straps. We do not recommend changing the blade or adding any straps. The slots are only for a sling. The letter is referring to (in general) if brace has a strap that it cannot be removed. Ours does not have a strap to begin with.

      Thank you,

      Team Shockwave

  10. I have an M92 pap. Can the buffer tube be drilled and tapped to the rear trunnion and add the Shockwave blade to it? Also can I shoulder it after I’ve made this modification?

    1. You just need an AR adapter to attach the buffer tube and Blade. And yes, you can shoulder a Blade brace.


      Team Shockwave

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