First Batch of ZMAGs Almost Gone

Response to the new ZMAGs for the M-11/NINE has been great. And to all those who have purchased ZMAGs, thank you. We enjoy making quality products that customers appreciate. That […]

Instructions for Using Shockwave ZMAGs

The M-11 firearm. Perhaps the only gun that needs instructions for using standard box magazines. Because of the shoddy manufacturing of these guns, there are three items that you need […]

Self-Clearancing ZMAGs

We’ve received a few inquiries about bolt rub on the ZMAG feedlips. This self-clearancing feature is by design. The key to magazine reliability is having the mags as high as […]

ZMAGs Are Available for Order Again

We have shipped all pre-orders for the 30-Round ZMAG for M-11/NINE. Thank you to all of you who supported the ZMAG project. Both your financial and moral support are very […]

May 8, 2014: ZMAG Production Testing

Two quick videos of production magazine testing. The first video is with steel-cased Wolf 115-grain FMJ. The second video is with brass-cased Winchester 147-grain flat-nosed FMJ.    

Apr 27, 2014: ZMAG Production Examples

Here are the first two production ZMAGs, hot off the presses. (They still need to be black zinc coated.) Just 998 to go in this first batch of 1,000. 🙂

Apr 24, 2014: ZMAG Production Begins

We’re in actual production! 🙂 Here are a couple of vids showing how the feedlips and tabs for the floorplate are formed as well as how the mag body is […]

Apr 2, 2014: ZMAG Tooling Complete

We have finished all of the production tooling for the ZMAGs for the M11/NINE guns. We will be running samples this Friday. Look for an update—with video—this weekend. 🙂