ZMAG S-31 30 Round 12 Pack

12x 31Mag


12x 31Mag

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S-31 Round 12 Pack

Save $55 on twelve ultra-reliable 30-round ZMAG-S31s. The all-new metal 30-round Shockwave ZMAG-S31 for the excellent Lage MFG MAX-31 and MAX-31K is MADE IN AMERICA. A replacement for the incredibly expensive 50-round Suomi 50-round coffin mags, the ZMAG-S31 features:
  • Robust, high-reliability feedlips are designed for optimal ammunition feeding.
  • Anti-tilt, low-friction polymer follower ensures the utmost in reliability.
  • Wolff spring improves feeding reliability.
  • Ammo witness holes on the left side of the ZMAG-S31 allow you to see remaining ammo at a glance.
  • Rugged black Cerakote finish will protect your ZMAG-S31es for decades to come.

*ZMAGs are not available for sale in the following states/areas: CA, CO, CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY, and Chicago*


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2 replies on “ZMAG S-31 30 Round 12 Pack”

I would like to purchase 12 of the Zmag S31.
When will they be back in stock? Are they available for per order?

Hi Roger,

Sorry, but this product has been discontinued.

Thank you,
Team Shockwave

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