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Mossberg 500 “Shorty”


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  1. Dean T says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you make folding stabilizers for Paper AK pistols , as well as for the Extar556 exp.
    Thank you for your time. Dean

    • marty says:

      Hello Dean,

      Thank you for writing. We don’t currently make or sell and folding adapters for our Blade stabilizer system.

      Thank you again,

  2. Jamie says:

    Can I put this handel on my cj higgins 12 gauge shot gun

  3. Scott says:

    I, too, am wondering if the Raptor grip for Mossy 500 will fit a JC Higgins (High Standard Flite King-12 ga.)
    I’m about to order one today.

  4. glenn says:

    will the shockwave grip fit a jc Higgins model 20 ?

    • marty says:

      Thank you for writing. I’m not entirely sure, to tell you the truth. It appears the JC Higgins Model 20 is a copy of the Mossberg 500. Does anybody else know for certain?


  5. Al says:

    What is the legality of adding a forward grip to this firearm? Not that it would be practical I am just curios. Thank you for your time.

    • marty says:

      As long as it remains longer than 26″, adding a forward grip wouldn’t change the ATF’s classification of it.

  6. Tim W says:

    Im curious if the 14″ conversion will work on my maverick 88 security?

  7. rob T says:

    Hello Guys
    I just got my Mossberg JIC (just in case) and I am about to order your grip but I wanted to check to see if you know , will my gun still fit in the tube with your grip installed?


  8. jerry vega says:

    i want to buy your raptor grip but do you make foregrip to match for a new englander pardner?

  9. Darren D says:

    I noticed on your free tech info, the Uzi article has been removed, is this something that can be emailed?

  10. CHASE says:

    Will you be making a birdshead grip for the remington 870 and its replicas? Or will the mossberg version fit? I have an H&R pardner pump, and would like the birdshead grip, with one minor improvement or change: Finger grooves, and sling loop. Thank you.

    • marty says:

      Hi Chase,

      Thank you for writing. I will be making a Raptor Grip for the 870. Look for it this Summer.

      Thank you,

  11. Greg P. says:

    I got the Raptor Grip i ordered for my Mossberg 500. Great shipping speed; the product fits BEAUTIFULLY on my 500 J.I.C that i purchased from a few years back. a weapon near impossible to find accessories for. You sir are a wonderful person. thank you! I will tell everyone i know about this site.

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