Raptor Lug for Mossberg 500 PGOs $39.95


The precision-machined Raptor Lug solves the problem of purchasing an expensive Mossberg 500 PGO 12-gauge firearm and then having to turn around and purchase a sometimes-even-more expensive 14″ front end kit—just to build a badass non-NFA firearm to protect you and yours.

The simplicity of building a non-NFA 14″ Mossberg 500 with the Raptor Lug is sheer genius:

  • Install the Raptor Grip M500 (sold separately)
  • Chop your barrel and magazine tube (using a hacksaw is just fine—the Raptor Lug hides the cut end)
  • Cut your magazine spring
  • Drive the Raptor Lug M500 onto your barrel and magazine tube
  • Drill a 1/8 hole and secure the lug in place with the included roll pin

No special tools needed. An overall length of 26.5″ is maintained throughout the process.

NOTE: The Raptor Lug fits standard Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 12-gauge barrels. It DOES NOT fit any heavy barrels or thick-walled barrels.

Raptor Lug kit v2

The steel Raptor Lug comes in a matte finish, which matches parkerized finishes as well as matte blue finishes perfectly.

The Raptor Lug kit includes:

  • Raptor Lug
  • Oversize 1/8″ roll pin
  • 12-gauge magazine spring retainer
  • Six-page instruction manual

The Raptor Lug, which has been exhaustively field tested, is offered at the low introductory price of just $39.95.

You can download the instructions here: Instructions for Raptor Lug M500 v1.1 26JAN16



  1. mike says:

    Do you need to start with the pistol grip version of the 500 to be legal, or would a full stock version still work?

  2. Jose De Moya says:

    I purchased this lug for my Mossberg 590A1 but it does not fit the barrel, what happened?

    • marty says:

      The Raptor Lug will fit Mossberg 500 and Maverick 88 12-gauges. It won’t fit the heavy 590 barrels.

  3. Rob says:


    I ordered the grip and strap. I haven’t ordered the lug kit yet. I’m wondering how you’d get the lug off in the event you want to remove the barrel or replace the magazine spring? The installation instructions suggest JB Weld. After researching JB Weld, it looks like it’s quite a process to “undo” it.Mag springs last a long time, but due to the way Mossberg designed the tube, it has to come off to replace it or the follower. Thoughts or recommendations?

    • marty says:

      You could always just drive out the roll pin.

    • Matt says:

      I’m currently looking into some sort of bolt or Chicago screw type thing to attach the lug to the tube. I did not use JB, and haven’t had a problem.
      The roll pin has worked perfectly, I just hate roll pins.

  4. luis says:


    I purchased the raptor grip a while back and cut my original barrel down to the magazine barrel length 15inches and I put a Hogue forend on the shotty. Then when it was available I purchased the 14 inch Mossberg kit from you and it came with a shorter forend with the strap. looks great but I really like the Hogue rubberized grip on it just felt nice. my question is with the 14 inch kit will the full size forend fit on to the magazine tube with the slides that cam with the kit

  5. Cody says:

    Hey! Do yo know if this will interfere with an adaptive tactical mag conversion?

  6. I like the idea of this shotgun. But I wonder, it looks as if it would be crucial to have local law enforcement privy to specifics of law.They would have to have the resources or will to bother with looking up information on a weapon such as this. Being in the right wouldn’t matter if I have to hire a lawyer and spend time defending my right to have a barrel that is four inches shorter.

  7. Eric says:

    Just finished my build last night, not really as hard as I thought it could be if you have the right tools. Makes me want to buy a Mariner version now so I can build one with that.

    Marty you have an awesome product here with great customer service.

    Thank you!

  8. David Burns says:

    Any plans for a Mossberg 500 20 gauge version?

  9. Garmon Bozia says:

    Is this mod “California Legal”?

    • Ryan says:

      It’s not legal in CA. because CA. uses a different definition of Shotgun based on whether the gun fires a shotgun round. For this setup to be legal we are relying on the federal definition of shotgun and we are starting with an AOW instead of a shotgun to avoid the shotgun classification. In CA. that AOW is considered a shotgun though because it fires shotgun rounds. Grew up in CA. but now I live in UT.

  10. Rob says:

    Have you seen anyone get a Hogue forend onto one of these, I know it requires a 7 5/8ths action bar. Are there any other good alternatives?

  11. JayG says:

    Just finished my mossberg raptor. I love it!!

    • marty says:

      Glad you like it. I think we’ve only ever had three or four returned–out of the thousands and thousands we have sold. I doubt those three or four even tried it out. But it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, you know. 😉

  12. Mike says:

    will this fit the 590A1 barrel?

  13. Reid says:

    Did this mod on a Mossberg JIC. I was nervous at first but it was done in less than 1 hour! I did it with no vice and an old rusty hacksaw. The cuts don’t really matter because the lug hides them. The gun came out awesome, so if you’re worried about difficulty of installation just take a leap of faith and buy this lug!

  14. JN says:

    Are these manufactured in-house, or by 802Traders? Even with a 6.75″ forend, cutting down the gun doesn’t leave much room for mounting a rail or sling clamp, so I’d really like to see the design revised to include at least one integrated rail and a sling loop milled into one or both sides. I just bought mine, so I’m not complaining by any means, but I’d pick up another in a heartbeat if it had that additional functionality. Thanks, Marty.

  15. Stephen says:

    Does anyone know if this would be legal in california?

  16. Guillermo says:

    Hello Marty. I can read that your communication is great. Good Job. Just wondering if you have any feedback from any buyer of the Raptor Lug. Nothing on Amazon and Nothing on ebay. Im buying it anyways, but it will feel a lot better if we have some review. Thanks

  17. Adam Lark says:

    Will this fit on a PGO remington 870?

  18. John says:

    Is that guy still making wood raptor grips?

  19. Jay says:

    Is this a modification that a gunsmith will do?

  20. Kenny says:

    Once you make the cuts to shorten everything and install the lug kit how many rounds will the magazine tube hold?

  21. Dee says:

    Once the raptor lug is installed, can the barrel still be removed to clean or replace the bolt?

    • marty says:

      If you drive the roll pin out, you should be able to remove the barrel–though it will not be as easy to remove as before the conversion. Personally, once I made the conversion, I’d just leave the gun together. But that’s me.

  22. John says:

    Will the raptor lug…work on a Mossberg 500 20 gauge?

  23. jon says:

    Do you have anything like this that will work for an 870?

  24. Gus says:

    Please tell me this is California legal!

  25. MakarovCozad says:

    How is it that adding this grip makes it so you can cut the barrel down to 14″? Is it just because the over all length is 26″? Does that mean as long as any shotgun that has an over all length of 26″ can have a 14″ barrel?

  26. KW says:

    Once the modification is made and the Raptor Lug installed how many rounds will the magazine hold? thanks!

  27. Thumper says:

    Hey Marty, any chance you can post up a Youtube on the procedure for installing the Lug for us visual learners?

    • marty says:

      That’s a good idea. I will work on it. But don’t hold your breath. 😉 Always a thousand things to do each day–and only time for about 10% of them.

      • PJ says:

        this is what I was trying to ask in my comment down below but I forgot *video*..this would be a GREAT idea for the visual learners.

  28. Ryan says:

    Wondering what the best Mossberg host would be for this. Mossberg 50588 has a heat sheild on it. Would that cause any problems? 50580 does as well. Another question. When this is completed, how many rounds does the magazine hold? Thanks!

    P.S. Excited to see this product. I was interested in this a couple years back but Mossberg stopped selling all the parts for the shorter front end plus it was more expensive. This is cheaper and simpler!

  29. PJ says:

    will there be an instructional on how to install the raptor lug kit.

  30. george says:

    Marry,I filed a stamp to build a sub 14″ AOW Mossberg 500. How far down the barrel will the raptor lug allow me to go? I’m shooting for between 7-10″.

    • marty says:

      Hello George,

      I don’t believe the Raptor Lug would work for a barrel that short–7″ to 10″. Not without turning down the OD of the barrel at that point. it’s been engineered to work at the 14″ mark.

      Thank you,

  31. Andrew Bozicevich says:

    I am just more curious how this works.

  32. troy carter says:

    Will this also fit a mossberg maverick 88 12g?

  33. Ross Aki says:

    Hi, I would like to order a copy of the six-page instruction manual, what is the cost?

    Thanks so much,

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