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M-11/NINE submachine guns and semi-auto pistols and carbines have truly evolved. Where they were once considered “entry-level guns,” they are now serious contenders—winning many SMG matches. With the right upgrades, the M-11/NINE guns can achieve amazing results.


Shockwave 30-Round ZMAG for M-11/NINE $36.95


All-new metal Shockwave ZMAG for the Cobray M-11 (9mm and .380) featuring Wolff springs. Now finished in black Cerakote. The best M-11/NINE mag on the market. Bar none. More information here.



6-Pack of Shockwave 30-Round ZMAGs for M-11/NINE $199.50


Save $20 on six ultra-reliable 30-round ZMAGs. More information here.



12-Pack of Shockwave 30-Round ZMAGs for M-11/NINE $389.50


Save $50 on twelve ultra-reliable 30-round ZMAGs. More information here.



Shockwave 50-Round ZMAG for M-11/NINE $54.95


All-new metal 50-ROUND Shockwave ZMAG for the Cobray M-11 (9mm and .380) featuring Wolff springs. Now finished in black Cerakote. The best M-11/NINE mag on the market. Bar none. More information here.



6-Pack of Shockwave 50-Round ZMAGs for M-11/NINE $304.70


Save $25 on six ultra-reliable 50-ROUND ZMAGs. More information here.



12-Pack of Shockwave 50-Round ZMAGs for M-11/NINE $599.40


Save $60 on twelve ultra-reliable 50-ROUND ZMAGs. More information here.



Gen 2 ZMAG Follower and Insert Set $3.50


Do you have older-gen ZMAGs? Looking to make them even more reliable? Our new follower and insert set (Gen 2) will do exactly that for you. More information here.



Wolff Spring for 30-round ZMAG  $5.00


Need a replacement spring (or two or 12) for your ZMAGs? Order here.



Shockwave Mighty Mount for M-11/NINE  $34.95


Shockwave’s AR stock adapter won’t shoot loose. More information here.


For dealer inquiries, please email or call 801-815-5178.


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  1. Doug Beat says:

    I recently purchased your 30 round 9mm mag M11, Why doesn’t it
    hold the bolt open on the last round….? Very well built mag.
    Doug Beat

  2. Mark says:

    Do or will you offer ZMAGs blocked to 10 rounds for those of us in California?

  3. Jose says:

    Mags are great!! Used one on an M11/9 with a speed cube and it kept up no issue.

  4. Scott says:


    Received the mags less than two days after ordering, great shipping. Very impressed with quality and the fact it actually fit my receiver. Bought 10 promags and had to mill them all down to fit. Wish I would have had the opportunity to buy yours before I bought those crapy plastic ones. Keep up the good work. Interested in the 50 round ones, inform me when you have more.


    • marty says:

      Hi Scott,

      Thank you for your business and the nice words. :) I will put you on the notification list for the 50s.

      Thank you again,

  5. sergio says:

    How long does it take t okk deliver to ga……how long does is the shipping

  6. Mike says:

    What is the price of th 50 round mags? Will you be selling them in quantities of 6 or 12? If so, please list the prices. Thx!

    • marty says:

      Hello Mike,

      Thank you for writing. We are currently sold out of the 50-round ZMAGs. The price is $54.95 each with a $25 discount when you order six, and a $60 discount when you order 12. We expect to have more 50s in stock in mid to late July.

      Thank you again,

  7. Hello I recently bought a like new M11 9mm 86-ser # and it jams often. I have come to believe it is the plastic magazines, I am looking to go metal clips. I love what I have read in your comments section. But I read something about a 50 round clip for the M11 is that correct ? If so how much are they and will you have a package price like you do for the 30 round clips.

    Thanks for any info,
    P.S. Do you have an idea when you will be done with your wait list


    • marty says:

      Hello Bob,

      We are caught up on our waiting list. You can phone me at 801-815-5178 to place an order for the 50s.

      Thank you for writing,

    • John says:

      It’s probably because you’re using clips.

      • MR says:

        Reading comprehension….he’s using plastic MAGAZINES. He wants to GO TO clips. I’m not sure that Garand style en bloc clips will give him the desired results, though.

  8. George says:

    Submitted a question regarding the Cobray M-11 9mm mags. I saw that my reply was pending and now I can’t find my question or reply anywhere! :-(

  9. I am sorry, I miss asked, do you sell mac-10 45cal mags?

  10. Do you sell mags for the Mac-11 45cal?

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