6-Pack of Shockwave 30-Round ZMAGs for M-11/NINE $199.50


Save $20 on six ultra-reliable 30-round ZMAGs. Shipping is a reasonable $7.50 for the 6-Pack.

The all-new metal 30-round Shockwave ZMAG for the Cobray M-11 (9mm and .380) is MADE IN AMERICA. Its design is head and shoulders above the competition. Some exclusive features include:

  • Mag stop is a go/no-go feature in our opinion. It prevents over-inserting a mag into your gun and bending your ejector rod, which can quickly ruin your day at the range.
  • Robust, high-reliability feedlips are designed for optimal ammunition feeding. If you have a feedramp that’s out of spec, resolve your feeding issues once and for all with the super-reliable ZMAG.
  • Anti-tilt, low-friction polymer follower ensures the utmost in reliability.
  • Wolff spring improves feeding reliability.
  • Compatibility with the Butler Creek Uplula lets you easily load your ZMAGs using this very handy loader.
  • Works with all stock designs, including the factory folding stock.
  • Ammo witness holes on the left side of the ZMAG allow you to see remaining ammo at a glance.
  • Optimally placed mag catch.
  • Rugged black Cerakote finish will protect your ZMAGs for decades to come.

The Shockwave ZMAG fits and functions in all M-11 guns that originally shipped with the Zytel magazines:

  • SWD M-11/NINE Submachine Gun (9mm)
  • SWD SM-11/NINE Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm)
  • SWD SM-11/NINE Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)
  • SWD M11-A1 Submachine Gun (.380)
  • SWD SM-12/380 Semi-Auto Pistol (.380)
  • LEINAD / FMJ PM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm)
  • LEINAD CM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)
  • LEINAD TM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Thompson-Style Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)


  1. Mike says:

    Any word on when the ZMAG-S is coming out?

  2. Troy smith says:

    As said so eloquently by Mr Wayne I would be much appreciative of haveing my fingers on a 50 round mag myself please add me to the availability list ASAP .. Thank you for your patriotism and fine attention to deatail ..

  3. Hamid Pezeshk says:

    Will you kindly notify me when your 50 round M11 mags are available. Please and thank you!

  4. Noah C. says:

    Has anyone used Hollow Points with these mags? My Zytel mags feed the 124 grain gold dots and 147 grain Winchester just fine. However my Modified PAM metal mags wont.


  5. navygunner says:

    I received my pack-o-six today and test fired them out back with wolf steel case. They kept up feeding a macjacked M-11 running at around 2000 rounds a minute. Marty is a clever lad. One might even say “cunning”.
    Thus possibly making him the cunning linguist refered to in Deep Purple’s Knocking at your back door, a master of many tongues.

    • marty says:

      Hello Navy Gunner,

      Thank you for the kind/naughty words. 😉 We keep trying our best. 🙂 Glad you like the ZMAGs.

      Thank you again,

  6. Wayne Louis Burnham says:

    Well, since *MARTY* won’t sell me any of the 50 rounders until next month or later, just because I’m old and fat – or because they aren’t out yet, whichever the REAL truth is, I’ll just have to order #4-9 Z-MAGs after #1-3 arrived a couple of weeks ago to hold me over. My gawd these things run PERFECTLY in my SWD/Cobray M11A1/380 SMG (s/n 85-x) -simply a work of art!!!

    I rarely shot my little Baby MAC, even with slightly altered metal South American PAM SMG mags, just because of the mag issue, as with those atrocious crap zytels the little dude came with. ShockWave’s ZMAGs are simply a game changer, turning this tiny SMG – a true Machine Pistol – into a damned useful weapon. After I got these I got all the upgrades from all the new manufacturers and instantly had one of my favorite and most practically useful weapons.

    BTW, I didn’t want to spend so much on an original Cobray M11 zytel loader (they got pricey because the zytels sucked so bad, few bothered with a loader and few were thus made), so I altered one of my dozen Grease Gun/MAC10 loaders a little and it works great.

    While I can’t wait for the 50’s, the 30’s are actually a much more handy length for this fine compact machinenpistole and you just have to get some of them – do it now, don’t worry about bills and food for your kids and other silliness – just get ya’ some, NOW!!!. I wish they had been around before I STEnnized my M11/9 SMG 15+ years ago, as I usually have to tweak the variable 55-80+ year old STEn mags a bit to get them reliable in 9mm.

    …just don’t tell Marty & Co. that you are old, fat or retired or he may claim they’re out and you’ll. just. have. to. WAIT.

    One very, very happy customer…who will hopefully still be using up algore’s O2 when ShockWave Tech will sell him some 50’s!

    In Rarely Satisfied, Yet Alone Happy, Liberty,

    Wayne L. Burnham
    Hunt County, Texas

    • marty says:


      If you don’t stop making me spit coffee out of my nose reading your missives, I’m going to start sending the keyboard-replacement bills directly to you. 😉

      I’m happy you are so happy with the ZMAGs. We are trying our best. 🙂

      I promise you that I will have 50-rounders in your hands within 4 weeks. I promise.

      Thank you very much for your continued business and the always-outrageous notes,

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