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50-Round ZMAGs Will Be Available Online Soon

I just wanted to give everyone an update on production and shipping status for the 50-round ZMAGs. We have shipped all backordered ZMAGs that were a part of the pre-order. We are working our way through the waiting list for the 50-rounders currently. We should be through that list by early May. At that time, we will add links, so you can purchase directly from the site.

Thank you to all our great customers,

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PrepperKip Reviews the Shockwave Blade and KAK Shockwave Tube

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KAK Shockwave and Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer Install and Comparison To The SIG SB15 Arm Brace



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Press Release: KAK and Shockwave Team Up to Create a Superior Pistol Stabilizing System

Oxnard, CA (April 6, 2015)—KAK Industry, a leader in firearms component manufacturing, announces that is has secured the exclusive distribution rights to Shockwave Technologies’ line of Blade pistol stabilizers.

KAK also reveals that it has developed a custom buffer tube for the Blade. The class 3 hard-anodized tube features 12 length-adjustment settings. Its anti-rotation and anti-thrust design mean that the Blade stays put without sliding forward or spinning. The tube is flush with rear of Blade when it’s installed fully forward. When installed fully out, the assembly is incredibly rigid. Being of the castle nut design, the KAK Shockwave tube accepts all carbine buffer systems, mil-spec receiver endplates, and aftermarket endplates.

Kurt Kosman, president of KAK Industry, remarked, “Our two innovative companies have combined efforts to bring a higher-quality, easier-to-use, more-affordable pistol stabilizing system to the market.”

“Teaming up with KAK Industry is a smart step for our small company,” stated Marty Ewer, owner of Shockwave. “We have a product that is an immediate hit with anybody who sees it. KAK is well-respected in the industry for its quality products and excellent customer service. And they have the resources to really catapult the Blade into the industry spotlight—pairing it with their KAK Shockwave tube and getting the system in front of virtually everybody through its rapidly expanding dealer network.”

KAK Industry will retail Blade pistol stabilizers, KAK Shockwave tubes, and package deals online as well as provide wholesale pricing to Web-based resellers and brick-and-mortar shops. Dealers interested in retailing the Blade and KAK Shockwave tube should contact KAK Industry through their website ( or by phone at 805-981-4734. Shockwave will also retail Blade pistol stabilizers, KAK Shockwave tubes, and kits through its website and other Internet channels.

“Our goal is to make the Blade pistol stabilizer and KAK Shockwave tube 2015’s must-have accessories,” added Kosman.

For more information, contact KAK Industry at 805-981-4734 or Shockwave Technologies at 801-815-5178.

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A Couple of Video Reviews by Jonny BMK

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