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First Batch of ZMAGs Almost Gone

Response to the new ZMAGs for the M-11/NINE has been great. And to all those who have purchased ZMAGs, thank you. We enjoy making quality products that customers appreciate.

That said, we are down to our last 60 magazines in this first batch of 1,000 mags. The next batch should be ready in about four to six weeks.

Thank you again,



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Instructions for Using Shockwave ZMAGs

The M-11 firearm. Perhaps the only gun that needs instructions for using standard box magazines. Because of the shoddy manufacturing of these guns, there are three items that you need to check before using your new ZMAGs:
1. The ZMAG is designed for the standard SWD grip. If you are using the excellent Lage grip—and purchased it before December 2013, you will need to clearance the grip for the mag stop on the ZMAGs. (Lage grips purchased after that date are modified at the factory for the ZMAGs.) See the picture below for an example of the notch you will need to file on the inside front of your Lage grip to accommodate the ZMAG’s mag stop.

Lage gip mod

2. Next, you will need to check for obstructions in your magazine well. Any welds or other protrusions that are thicker than .010” (the thickness of two sheets of paper) can hang up the ZMAGs when inserting or removing them. See the weld that’s been filed down in the picture below:

M-11 fix for fitting ZMAGs
3. Lastly, the ZMAGs are designed for variances in mag release and vertical bolt location (upper receiver to lower receiver fitment). See post below. As such, there are guns that will “wear” the very tops of the feedlips the first few times you rack the bolt. This self-clearancing is normal—and by design.

The M-11 by their nature are very imprecise firearms. We had to design the ZMAGs with this in mind—and incorporate this self-clearancing feature. If your magazine looks like the one below after racking the bolt a few times, it is completely normal.


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Self-Clearancing ZMAGs

We’ve received a few inquiries about bolt rub on the ZMAG feedlips. This self-clearancing feature is by design. The key to magazine reliability is having the mags as high as possible in the gun, minimizing how far the bullet has to “jump up” into the chamber.

The bolt should be just “polishing” or slightly “scratching” the top edge of the feedlips, the bolt will self-clearance your ZMAGs to your specific gun(s) and be incredibly reliable—more reliable than any other magazine you’ve ever tried. (Don’t worry, the bolt is much harder than the metal used in the ZMAGs. The self-clearancing process won’t hurt your bolt.)

This is what a normal ZMAG looks like after self-clearancing to an M-11/NINE:



If the feedlips are stopping the bolt dead in its tracks, your gun is simply too far “out of spec” in some way. (Again, don’t worry, many are. With these inconsistent guns, everything is a matter of degrees.) Usually, removing a few thousandths from the top edge of your mag catch will resolve the problem.

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ZMAGs Are Available for Order Again

We have shipped all pre-orders for the 30-Round ZMAG for M-11/NINE. Thank you to all of you who supported the ZMAG project. Both your financial and moral support are very much appreciated.

Now that we are “caught up,” we are opening up orders again for the 30-round magazines. You can find them here.

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May 30, 2014: Quick Update on ZMAG Production

We are finishing the welding on the first batch of 1,000 today–and will be getting the mags to the metal finishers on Monday June 2nd. Should be able to begin assembling, packaging, and shipping them the following Monday–June 9th. It will take a week or more to get caught up with all the pre-orders.

Once we are completely caught up with the pre-orders, we will begin offering the mags on our website.

Thank you to all of you who have hung in there with us. And a big thank you to all the positive support we’ve received these past so many months. It does mean a lot to a small company like ours.

Thank you,


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May 8, 2014: ZMAG Production Testing

Two quick videos of production magazine testing. The first video is with steel-cased Wolf 115-grain FMJ. The second video is with brass-cased Winchester 147-grain flat-nosed FMJ.



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