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Shockwave Introduces the Blade Kit for the CZ Scorpion

Blade Kit for CZ Scorpion installed

The Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer is turning out to be 2015’s must-have pistol accessory. Look for a comprehensive review of the Blade by The Truth About Guns in a few weeks.

Adding to our repertoire of innovative products is a complete kit for installing the sleek, lightweight Shockwave Blade on your CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 pistol. Everything you need to outfit your Scorp’ with the Blade for just $125. More information can be found here.


Shockwave Legal Defense Fund Reaches a Quarter Million Dollars!

Our legal defense fund just surpassed $250,000 this morning. Thank you to each and every one of our donors and customers. We are going to beat these guys and their frivolous lawsuit.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Another Industry Donor

Thank you to everyone who has donated money to help us fight Alex Bosco’s lawsuit.

We received a check this morning for $5,000 to add to our defense fund. My family and I can’t say thank you enough to you and your business. (It’s understandable that you want to remain anonymous as well. I mean, you don’t want Alex Bosco and Grant Shaw suing you, too. LOL) Thank you. I will give you a call in a few minutes to thank you personally.


Shockwave 50-Round ZMAGs: SOLD OUT

We are now sold out of 50-round ZMAGs. We still have some 30-rounders in stock. If you would like to get on the waiting list for the next batch of 50-rounders, please email us at shockwavetechnologies@gmail.com. The next batch should be ready by late July.

Thank you to all our great customers,


Shockwave Legal Defense Fund Reaches $200,000

We have now accumulated just shy of $210,000 in our legal fund to help defend us against Alex Bosco’s and Grant Shaw’s lawsuit. We are people of principle. We will never give up. And we are going to beat these guys. Stay tuned.


Small Number of 50-round ZMAGs Available

We are all caught up with our waiting list. (Whew.) And we are down to the last few 50-rounders. (They went a lot faster than we thought they would.) It will be early July before we have them in stock again. If you want a 50-rounder—or six—call me at 801-815-5178 to place your order by phone.

The price for the 50-round ZMAGs is $54.95 each. We offer a $25 discount on six, and a $60 discount on 12:
1x 50-round ZMAG: $54.95 + $7.50 shipping = $62.45 total shipped
2x 50-round ZMAGs: $109.90 + $7.50 shipping = $117.40 total shipped
3x 50-round ZMAGs: $164.85 + $7.50 shipping = $172.35 total shipped
4x 50-round ZMAGs: $219.80 + $12.50 shipping = $232.30 total shipped
5x 50-round ZMAGs: $274.75 + $12.50 shipping = $287.25 total shipped
6x 50-round ZMAGs: $329.70 – $25.00 discount + $12.50 shipping = $317.20 total shipped
12x 50-round ZMAGs: $659.40 – $60.00 discount + $12.50 shipping = $611.90 total shipped


Thank you to all our great customers,

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