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Check Out the Shockwave Blade at SHOT Show 2015

Yesterday, we delivered a couple of samples of the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer to CZ-USA (booth #11955) and Adams Arms (booth #8207). If you’re at SHOT, stop by their booths and give the Blade a look. While you’re there, check out CZ’s awesome new Scorpion Evo 3 and Adams Arms new line of AR-10 rifles.

Blade Samples in Black

Just a quick peek at one of the Blade pistol stabilizer samples we will be delivering to dealers at SHOT Show 2015.

DSC09354 DSC09357 DSC09358 DSC09359

Please note that the ATF open letter currently circulating is specific to the SigTac line of stabilizing braces—and not the Shockwave Technologies Blade pistol stabilizer.

See you at SHOT Show,



Shockwave ZMAGs In Stock Again

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Shockwave ZMAGs for the M-11/NINE and M11-A1 guns are in stock again. You can place an order here through the site, or you can call us at 801-815-5178 with your CC info.

Thank you,

P.S. We have switched to a black oxide finish for our ZMAGs. We feel this protects the magazines better and gives them a look that’s more homogeneous with the guns themselves.

3D Print of Final Version of Blade Pistol Stabilizer

I printed out the final version of the Blade pistol stabilizer. Thought some people might like to see what it looks like in the real world—even if it is 3D printed in white ABS.

Since we are going to SHOT Show 2015, I wanted to have some samples to show folks. So we are using this 3D print to create an RTV mold that we can then cast samples from in black polyurethane. (Look for me in my Shockwave Technologies hat and t-shirt.)

IMG_1110 IMG_1108IMG_1124 IMG_1122IMG_1121 IMG_1118IMG_1117 IMG_1112IMG_1127

In this last photo, you can clearly see the ergonomic advantage the Blade pistol stabilizer has over competitive products. As you know, when you hold a pistol, your arm comes into it at an angle—not straight on.

For more information on the Blade pistol stabilizer, click here.

If you would like to get on the Blade notification list, please email us.

ZMAGs Currently Backordered

We had a rush on ZMAGs just before Christmas—and ran out sooner than expected. We already had a batch in production, but you know how things tend to grind to a halt during the holidays. As of today, they still need to have the surface finish applied. However, within two weeks, we will start shipping ZMAGs again. We are trying our very best to provide top-quality products and industry-leading service.

Thank you to all our valued customers,

A Massive Mass Thank You for Blade Signups!

Thank you to everyone who is signing up for the Blade pistol stabilizer. I wish I could write every single one of you a personalized thank you note. But the numbers are simply overwhelming. Please just know that my family and I thank you profusely and are honored to have the opportunity to earn your business.

We are working hard to bring you the Blade pistol stabilizer as quickly as possible. Early March looks to be when we will begin shipping.

Merry Christmas and God Bless,
Marty, Leelee, Nicholas, and Gwendolyn

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