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ZMAGs In Stock Again

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Shockwave ZMAGs for the M-11/NINE guns are in stock again. You can place an order here through the site, or you can call us at 801-815-5178 with your CC info.

Thank you,



Raptor Grip Feedback from Noted Author Dr. Stephen W. Templar

We received a very nice email from one of our customers, regarding the fit and function of the Raptor Grips for the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870. Dr. Templar was also kind enough to allow us to use this quote:

“The Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip is the best thing to happen to defensive shotguns in decades. It fits great and feels even better. It makes traditional pistol grips on shotguns obsolete. Grab hold of the Raptor. It won’t bite.”
- Dr. Stephen W. Templar, author of rexGun

I must admit that I hadn’t heard of the book rexGun. A quick Google search revealed an interesting question: “Have you ever wondered what sort of firearm or ammunition would be adequate for the sporting pursuit of Tyrannosaurus Rex?” I hadn’t. But hell, if so many of us are concerned about the Zombie Apocalypse, perhaps it’s worth brushing up on how to take down a T-Rex. Should make for a very interesting read.

You can buy Dr. Templar’s book via his website.



Shockwave Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer on Glock

left w strap  right w strapleft wo strap  right wo strap

The ENDO Tactical Stock Adapter for Glocks finally showed up. Got it mounted on one of my Glocks. Nifty little thing, the ENDO TSA-G. Added an AR receiver extension. And slid on the Shockwave Technologies Blade AR pistol stabilizer. Even cooler than mounting it on the AR-15 pistol. This thing is just badass—makes my Glock 17L incredibly stable, both with and without using a strap or sling.


Here’s How to End the .22lr “Shortage”

Even though we don’t deal in ammunition, I get calls almost daily about .22lr ammo. “You don’t happen to have some .22lr in stock, do you?” Most of the time—like 90 percent of the time—it’s from a father who simply wants to take his kids out shooting for the afternoon. You know, teach them how to safely handle a firearm and develop a love for shooting.

Unfortunately, a comparatively small number of people are ruining what used to be an American tradition. All for the sake of a quick $20. These gougers seem to have nothing better to do with their time than to loiter around their local Walmart all day, waiting for somebody to put some .22lr on the shelf. As soon as they—and their two unemployed brothers-in-law—get their daily allotment of .22lr, they turn around and sell it on local firearms websites at a 100% to 200% markup.

Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a buck. We do it every day. Most of us do. But there is something morally wrong in my opinion with continuing to perpetuate this artificial “shortage” of .22lr ad nauseum. All for the sake of a few measly bucks. They are literally ruining the American tradition of teaching your kids how to respect and safely shoot a firearm.

So what can we do? Everyone who reads this article can pledge to not buy from the local gougers. If we all make a concerted effort, we can end the “shortage” quickly. As soon as the gougers stop making their easy couple of bucks, they’ll move onto something else. Hopefully something a little more morally straight. We’ll all see .22lr on the shelves again—at sane prices. And we’ll be able to continue once again teaching our kids about the enjoyment of shooting.

Rant over,



Sample Blade AR Pistol Stabilizers Sent to Beta-Testers

We got all the sample Blade AR pistol stabilizers boxed up and sent out today. Beta-testers should start receiving them over the next two to five days. Looking forward to their feedback.

Thank you everybody,


Shockwave Blade AR Pistol Stabilizer Receives Additional ATF “Approval”

Blade AR without strap 1

As we all know, ATF opinion letters are only valid for the person they are addressed to. Still, Internet armchair warriors like to think of these letters as some type of actual ATF “approval”—when in fact they’re not. You’ll note that “SIG’s” ATF “approval” letter for the SB15 is actually an opinion letter addressed to Mr. Alex Bosco and only helps protect him from potential conviction. Remember, this is America. Anyone can sue anybody at any time over anything—even the U.S. Gov’t.

That said, we manufacturers go through the “approval” process for new products mostly to satisfy those who continually think the sky is falling—and shout it from their keyboards. As industry manufacturers, we tend to know what the law actually says and the status of the sky. To that end, I spoke just this morning by phone with another ATF agent about our Blade AR pistol stabilizer. Her opinion, which is probably just as binding as an “approval” letter, is that the Blade AR pistol stabilizer doesn’t change the legal status of an AR-15 pistol.

We’ll continue waiting for the actual opinion letter—and post it once we receive it. Until then, I’m fairly certain that the sky isn’t going to fall anytime soon. ;)

Thank you to the faithful. Look for the Blade AR to be available for purchase in October (2014).