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Apr 16, 2014: ZMAG Production Pilot Program Begins

We’re moving into the production phase, folks. Here’s a quick video showing the first mag body blanks being stamped out in our production pilot program.


Mag body blanks in the catch bin



Marking details on the mag bodies after they’ve been through a couple of subsequent tools

IMG_0833 IMG_0836  IMG_0835IMG_0834


Apr 12, 2014: ZMAG Follower Mold Tested

In other exciting news, we tested the ZMAG follower mold. It worked perfectly. So we will be running the first 1,000 followers this next week as well.

DSC09491 IMG_0809


Apr 11, 2014: ZMAG Production Tooling Tested

This past week, we got all the various tools mounted in the presses and tested. As expected, there were a few minor adjustments needed. (There always are with this kind of work.) These bits of fine tuning (mostly to the insert and floorplate tool) will be made over the next couple of days. We anticipate running the first 1,000 mag bodies, 10,000 inserts, and 10,000 floorplates next week. :)


This is the insert-floorplate tool in the press.

This is the “strip” that the tool above creates. (Toes not included.)



Here’s an overview of the coil going into the straightener and then into the press.



This 425-lb coil of steel will be 10,000 ZMAG inserts and floorplates in a week.



In this video, we’re testing the tool for stamping the insert and floorplate. You can see that we need to add a plastic “bridge” to the very end to keep the strip from rising up. This test was done in manual mode. Once we start this up in production mode, the press will be pushing out 53 inserts and 53 floorplates every minute! :) To put that in perspective, the inserts and floorplates we need for the first batch of 1,000 mags will be stamped out in just 18 minutes.


Apr 2, 2014: ZMAG Tooling Complete

We have finished all of the production tooling for the ZMAGs for the M11/NINE guns. We will be running samples this Friday. Look for an update—with video—this weekend. :)


Mar 18, 2014: ZMAG Pre-Order Closing

To ensure we’re able to get out the pre-orders as quickly as possible, we will stop accepting new pre-orders on Mar 23, 2014.


Mar 17, 2014: ZMAG Production Tooling Nearing Completion

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We are approximately three weeks out on the ZMAG at this point—if everything goes to plan. Here are some pics of the work in progress:


Body blanking and initial piercing progressive tool is 100% complete:

mag body blanking tool topmag body blanking tool btm


Body second piercing and initial forming transfer tool is 100% complete (partially disassembled in pics):

mag body piercing tool btmmag body piercing tool top


Feedlip forming transfer tool is 100% complete:

feed lip form tool btmfeed lip form tool top


Feedlip forming tool with formed mag body in place:

feed lip form tool btm with formed blank


Body final forming transfer tool is 75% complete:

mag body folding tool


Insert and floorplate blanking and forming progressive tool is 25% complete—and where all efforts are currently focused:

start of insert and floorplate tool


An overview of the complete tooling set in progress:



Artwork for marking stamps:

Screenshot - 3_19_2014 , 9_49_45 AM


Things left to do:

  • Get the marking stamps in and installed in the body blanking tool. (These stamps are still 7 business days out.)
  • In the meantime, complete the insert and floorplate blanking and forming progressive tool. (This tool still needs more than a week of work to complete.)
  • Once the tools are built and finalized, it will take approximately three days to run the first 1,000 units.
  • Then the parts will have to be black zinc plated. That will take most of a week.
  • Lastly, we will assemble the mags and start shipping them to those who have pre-ordered.

Thank you to everyone hanging in there with us. Just a few more weeks at this point. :)



Feb 18, 2014: ZMAG Production Tooling Coming Along Nicely

We are hard at work on the various pieces of production tooling. The mold for the polymer followers is complete (need to get a picture of this). The different tools for the mag bodies are almost complete. The progressive stamping tool for the inserts and floorplates is the final piece we need to finish, which should go rather quickly.

The first batch of 30-round springs from Wolff is here.

The most realistic date I can give for beginning shipment is the middle of next month (mid-March). I know we’re taking longer than expected. But thank you to everyone for hanging in there with us. I believe these will be worth the wait.

Some pics of the work in progress:

Magazine body trim and pierce die in progress:

mag body trim die partial 2mag body trim die partial 1


Feedlip forming tool halves in progress:

feedlip form tool halves 2feedlip form tool halves 1 feedlip form partial


Follower mold cores and cavities cut:

follower mold coresfollower mold cavities


First batch (1,000 pieces) of 30-round springs from Wolff:

first batch of 30-round springs


Sample 50-round springs from Wolff:

sample 50-round springs


Thank you again everyone,



Feb 4, 2014: New Lower Pricing for Raptor Grips

No one should be left defenseless. So we’re dropping the price on our Raptor Grip M500 and Raptor Grip R870 to $25.95. Now everyone should be able to build the Ultimate Home Defense Weapon.

Order your Raptor Grip for the Mossberg 500 here.

Order your Raptor Grip for the Remington 870 here.


Jan 17, 2014: Now Shipping: MEGA Mount AR Stock Adapters for M-11/NINE

M-11 rear

Tired of your AR stock adapter always shooting loose? Shockwave has the answer: the MEGA Mount AR stock adapter for M-11/NINE guns. Learn more here.


Dec 3, 2013: Now Taking Pre-orders for ZMAGs for M11/NINE

You asked for it. You got it. We are now accepting pre-orders for the new Shockwave ZMAGs for the Cobray M-11 guns. Order yours today here.

(Note: Credit card processing for these magazines is handled through eProcessing Network, due to Paypal’s anti-gun policies.)


Dec 2, 2013: Raptor Grip R870 ON SALE!


The Raptor Grip for the Remington 870 is currently $5 off. For a limited time, instead of its regular price of $31.99, it is only $26.99 You can order the Raptor Grip R870 on the Remington 870 Parts page. You will love this grip!


Dec 1, 2013: ZMAG Beta Testing Concludes

With all beta testers having reported in, I can give the final numbers. With over 4,800 rounds fired through the 12 test mags, only a handful of feeding errors were experienced. The final score is 99.9% reliability. Not too shabby. With a polymer follower, I expect the production magazines to be AT LEAST that reliable. Anyone for 99.99% reliability? :)


Nov 21, 2013: ZMAGs: The Final Cut

We still have several beta testers who haven’t had a chance to test the new ZMAGs. But their input is due any day. Based on what we’ve heard back from the testers who have already completed testing, the ZMAG are performing well—with a 99.8% feeding success rate so far. Obviously, we’d like to get that number as close to 100% as possible. So, the production units are going to feature a polymer follower. I believe this will help eliminate any follower binding that may be contributing to the small number of misfeeds.

A lot of wheels are in motion to bring these magazines into production before the year is out. But it will be close. That’s why I’m forecasting a January shipping date.


Nov 11, 2013: ZMAG Beta Units Shipping Tomorrow!


We are finally shipping the beta-test mags tomorrow! Developing the Shockwave ZMAG for the Cobray M-11/NINE SMGs, pistols, and carbines has been a long, arduous, expensive, time-consuming adventure in engineering and manufacturing to get to this point. But it is very exciting to be here. I hope all goes well with the functional testing across all the various gun configurations out there. (Fingers crossed.)


Sep 24, 2013: Shockwave’s New M-11/NINE Mag To Be Named the ZMAG

Why the “ZMAG”? Because it’s the last magazine you’ll ever need for your M-11/NINE submachine gun, pistol, or carbine. Period. :)


Sep 17, 2013: Shockwave M-11/NINE 30-Round Mag Dressed in Black

Here are a few pics of the new Shockwave Mag painted black. Just so you can see what the final mag will look like. (Note that the follower in these pics is still a 3D printed item. The production followers will be made of stamped sheet steel.) Target price is still $35 each. Discounts will be offered for 6-packs and 12-packs.

DSC08809 DSC08811DSC08813DSC08814DSC08816 DSC08815    DSC08817


Sep 16, 2013: M11/NINE Mag Design Finalized!

DSC08797  DSC08803DSC08801

We are in the home stretch now. The design of the mag body, insert, and floorplate is finalized. The design of the follower is finished, too. We just need to mill some tooling for the follower. That will happen over the next two or three days—and we’ll be there.

Some of the features that put our all-metal magazine head and shoulders above the competition include:

  • Mag stop. On the front of the mag is the mag stop—a go/no-go feature IMHO. The important feature prevents over-inserting a mag into your gun with the bolt in the open position—and bending your ejector rod, which can quickly ruin your day at the range.
  • Robust, high-reliability feedlips. The feedlips are designed for optimal ammunition feeding. I wish I could take you through all the ins and outs of what makes these feedlips king of the hill, but that would take a doctoral dissertation to explore. One thing you should know is that these mags make your feedramp redundant. The rounds never even touch the feedramp. So if you have a feedramp that’s out of spec—almost the norm for these guns—resolve your feeding issues once and for all with these super high-quality magazines.
  • Compatibility with the Uplula. Yes, you can easily load your Shockwave M11/NINE mags using the handy Butler Creek Uplula mag loader.
  • Works with all stock designs. We designed this magazine to function with all stock designs—including the factory folding stock.
  • Ammo witness holes. The oblong holes on the left side of the mag allow you to see remaining ammo at a glance. (There are 30 rounds loaded in the mag in the first three pics, and you can see that rounds 10, 20, and 30 are perfectly centered in the windows.)
  • Optimally placed mag catch. The cutout for the mag catch is on the rear of the mag. (Note that the mag pictured is still a prototype. The welding on the production mags will be much much better. )
  • Anti-tilt metal follower. In the final pic, you can see how the follower sits. (The follower shown is simply a 3D printed piece. The production followers will be stamped sheet steel.)
  • Black Oxide finish. Rugged finish will protect your magazines for decades to come.
  • Ease of disassembly. Magazine disassembles without tools for cleaning.

Almost ready for beta testing, which will begin the first week of October. Test units will be shipped to the beta testers before then.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,


Sep 10, 2013: Update on M11/NINE Mag

DSC08784DSC08791 DSC08788

The follower design is complete. In the first picture, you can see a quick 3D-printed sample. Actual production followers will be formed of sheet steel. We ended up simplifying things a bit to ensure the highest reliability. In the second picture, you can see how the follower sits in an empty mag. In the last picture, you can see the Wolff Gunsprings we will be using. These springs are designed for the Glock 18 33-round mags. From the beginning, we have designed our follower and mag body to use this particular spring. If you have Wolff springs in any of your guns or mags, you know they make great stuff. :)


Sep 5, 2013: Raptor Grip R870 Is Now Shipping


You can now order the Raptor Grip R870 on the Remington 870 Parts page. A big thank you to everyone who has hung in there with us over the summer. You’re gonna love this new grip. :)

A note for our Canadian friends: The Raptor Grip R870 is available on ebay.ca as well. Just search for “Shockwave Raptor Grip 870.”


Sep 5, 2013: Test Firing of Latest Prototype M11/NINE All-Metal Mag

Here are a few vids of the latest test firing:


Let me know what you think,


To read my earlier blog posts, be sure to check out the archives.


  1. Rufus says:

    Are these available for the Winchester 1300? Would love one. I’m thinking about trying to use one of the adapter pieces that came with my pistol grip. Just need to locate them. But would much rather but the raptor that is made for the gun.

  2. Mark Gamble says:

    Hi Marty,

    Do you plan on producing the ZMAGs for a MAC-10 .45 caliber in the future?


  3. Lucas says:

    Hi Marty,
    Does the Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip fit a Pardner 12 Gauge?

    • marty says:

      Hello Lucas,

      Yes, the Raptor Grip R870 fits both:
      - New England Firearms (NEF) Pardner Pump Protector 12-gauge
      - Harrington & Richardson (H&R) Pardner Pump Protector 12-gauge

      Thank you for writing,

  4. John says:

    Would love to add one of these to my Christmas list but I want it for a Winchester 1300. Any hope of one for the 1300 in near future?!

  5. Anush says:

    Hola Martin,
    Finalmente pude poner el Raptor Grip en mi Maverick 88, luce genial, mis saludos y agradecido de todo… ahora necesitaré una funda para el juguete…

    Hi Martin,
    Finally I put the Raptor Grip on my Maverick 88, looks great, my compliments and appreciative of all … Now I need a holster for toy …

  6. Compuvette says:

    Purchased a Raptor for my AOW Mossberg 500. Love it! Way better than the factory grip. I’ll be picking up another one.

  7. Jon says:

    Was wondering if Remington sells 14 inch front ends as Mossberg does. Have you looked into making a 14 inch Remington like the Mossberg with the Raptor Grip? Still 26 1/2 inches?

    • marty says:

      Hi Jon,

      Thank you for writing. Yes, Remington sells a 14″ front end, too. With the Raptor Grip installed, the resulting firearm is 26.5″ long as well. :)

      Thank you again,

      • Jake says:

        Hi Marty,

        Any idea of ordering information for the Remington 14″ front end? Thanks! Jake

        • Jay says:

          The Remington factory mag tube will work with barrels 12″ or longer. Botech Tactical sells the Remington 14″ LE barrel on their website for $189 with free shipping. You can add a 1 round mag extention for 5 + 1 setup.

  8. BOSSMAN says:


  9. C.J. Killian says:

    Just got my grip in the mail, awesome shipping. It makes my Mossberg look so much better, thank you very much for this great product. I will defiantly refer you to friends wanting a grip like this. Keep up the good work!

  10. Jason says:

    I’m enjoying my Raptor grip and thanks for the 2nd one. Keep up the good work and product development so we have another American option from a free state to support!

  11. Robert McAmis says:

    Raptor grip arrived promptly and was easy to install. Very pleased with this product!

  12. Will says:

    My Mossberg 500 Birds head grip arrived. Great product. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Form fit and function are superb. I will order another one soon.

  13. Carlos says:

    Hi Marty,
    Does the “Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip” also fits Mossberg Maverick 88?

    • marty says:

      Hello Carlos,

      Thank you for writing. Yes, the Raptor Grip fits the Maverick 88 in 12 gauge and 20 gauge.

      Thank you again,

  14. James says:

    You know im all for mossberg and its *badassery* but i just wish they made a PGO 870, so it could be cut down to 14″ Marty, is this possible at all with out a ridiculous tax stamp? Would it be possible on a virgin receiver? Lets say I purchased one(a virgin receiver) is it legal for me to put a pistolgrip, and a 14″ barrel? or would a licensed manufacturer have to do it? will there be any fee’s involed? I live down the road from the remington factory in kentucky :P and i just prefer he feel of the 870. Is there anyway its possible?

    • marty says:

      Hi James,

      Thank you for writing. Check out my recent blog post on the PGO Remingtons that are now available: http://shockwavetechnologies.com/site/?p=670


  15. TJ Gilbertson says:

    Do you think you will ever make anything for the mossberg 930 in a raptor type grip

  16. Jim Frederick says:

    Can’t wait for your m11/9mm mags!

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