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Shockwave and KAK Featured in Guns & Ammo


Shock and Awe, Baby! This month, in a special AR-15 issue, Guns & Ammo features the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer and the KAK pistol buffer tube for the Blade. Look for the Shock and Awe article on pages 68 through 76. Guns & Ammo is available at finer newsstands and bookstores near you.

Interesting New Pistol Arm Brace Hits the Market


I ran across this funky-looking thing last night. It’s from a new company called Sylvan Arms. I haven’t heard of them until now. Looks like it straps to your arm. Has anyone bought one of these? What did you think? Did you like it? What did you like? What did you not like? Price point doesn’t seem too far off the mark.

Introducing the Shockwave Raptor Lug for Mossberg 500 PGOs


Today, Shockwave Technologies is proud to introduce the Raptor Lug for Mossberg 500 PGO firearms. Developed by Shawn Straffin with 802Traders, the precision-machined Raptor Lug solves the problem of purchasing an expensive Mossberg 500 PGO 12-gauge firearm and then having to turn around and purchase a sometimes-even-more expensive 14″ front end kit—just to build a badass non-NFA firearm.

Raptor Lug kit v2

The Raptor Lug ships with the lug itself, a roll pin, a magazine spring retainer, and six pages of detailed illustrated instructions. The simplicity of building a non-NFA 14″ Mossberg 500 with the Raptor Lug is sheer genius:

  • Install the Raptor Grip M500 (sold separately)
  • Chop your barrel and magazine tube (using a hacksaw is just fine—the Raptor Lug hides the cut end)
  • Cut your magazine spring
  • Drive the Raptor Lug M500 onto your barrel and magazine tube
  • Drill a 1/8 hole and secure the lug in place with the included roll pin

No special tools needed. An overall length of 26.5″ is maintained throughout the process.


The Raptor Lug is offered at the low introductory price of just $39.95. Add a Raptor Grip for $25.95 and a Tactical Strap Kit for $11.49—and you have a handy, seriously badass home defense weapon for less than $80 (plus the price of the host firearm, of course).

You can find more information about the Raptor Lug here.

Now Shipping: Blade Kits for Full-Size Glock Pistols


Today, Shockwave Technologies is proud to introduce a complete Blade kit for full-size Glock pistols. Significantly improve the accuracy and safety of firing your Glock.

Shockwave has teamed up with ENDO Tactical to be able to offer this exciting kit. Please note that the TSA-G adapter is the genuine, made-in-the-U.S.A. article. (Not one of those cheesy Chinese ones sold on Ebay that don’t fit.)

The kit includes everything you need to install the sleek, lightweight Shockwave Blade on your Glock pistol:

  • Shockwave Blade, black with cone-point set screw
  • KAK Shockwave tube with dimples
  • KAK castle nut
  • KAK endplate
  • ENDO Tactical TSA-G adapter for Glock
  • All mounting hardware

We are currently shipping these complete kits at the low price of just $113.95. Learn more here.

Our Last Batch of Mossberg 14″ Front Ends Now Available

92514 kit

We have the 92514 kits in stock again. This is going to be our last batch of Mossberg 14″ front ends that we resell. You can find them here. If you want one from us, jump on them. Our batch previous to this sold out in two days.


Thank You for Hanging in There with Us During This Crazy Time

An open letter to our customers with current backorders. We were caught unprepared for the sheer onslaught of orders we received during the Christmas and New Years holidays. And then Obama went and ran his mouth. It was the perfect storm. We are working with our suppliers to get components in as fast as possible—and ship as quickly as we can. That said, it will still be 3 to 7 business days from today before we are completely caught up. If you have a backorder with us and would like a refund, please send an email to that effect. (Email is much more efficient than calling.) But if you can hang in there for another week plus or minus, thank you tremendously.

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