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Look for the Shockwave Blade at the NRA Show in Nashville

One of our fine resellers, Kentucky Gun Company, is going to be displaying the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer—in addition to lots of other cool stuff—at their booth at the NRA Show in Nashville. The show runs April 10-12, 2015. Be sure to stop by and check out the Blade in person. Patrick and his team will have units available for sale at the show—until they run out—and then will be taking orders for fulfillment after the show.

Thank you to everyone who is making the Blade 2015’s best seller,

Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizers Now Shipping!

Well, we did what “they” said couldn’t be done. (I’m suddenly reminded of a song from Smokey and the Bandit for some reason.) We designed a superior pistol stabilizer, got it ATF approved, and are now shipping. If you’ve been waiting, now is the time to add the patent-pending Blade pistol stabilizer to your cart and check out. Only $49.95.

Order here.

ATF opinion letter here.

Thank you to all of you who continue to believe in our small company,
Marty and Leelee

Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer on the new CZ-USA Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Pistol

We just received in a new CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 pistol. Big thanks to Zach for hooking us up with one. :) (I won’t post his last name. Zach, you know who you are. And you are the man. :) )

Of course, being the manufacturers of the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer, we had to throw one of our T1 samples on this cool “little” pistol right away.



It still amazes me how much the Blade stabilizes a big pistol like this or the AR, using the inside of your forearm—and I designed the thing! Maybe that’s why the haters poo-poo it. Of course, those types poo-poo everything. Haters gonna hate, I guess. (They really should try it before they spout off.) But I digress. The Blade really does work as intended! And it just looks so badass. More info on the products for AR-15 page.



Shockwave Blade Mold Finished and T1 Samples In

Just a few weeks and these puppies will be available for sale. :)

Blade T1 Samples 03FEB15

Note that these are only samples for signing off on the mold. The production pieces will be much more cosmetically pleasing. ;)

For more information on the Blade pistol stabilizer, click here.

If you would like to get on the Blade notification list, please email us.


Shockwave Blade Pistol Stabilizer Legal to Cheek Weld, Too

We just received word today that, per the ATF, it is also perfectly legal to hold the Shockwave Blade pistol stabilizer against your cheek when firing. Just make sure you maintain a ray of sunshine between the rear of the Blade and your shoulder. In other words, “don’t use it as a shoulder stock.”


Using the Blade for a cheek weld also gives you an incredible amount of additional stability. I wouldn’t have believed it if a customer of mine hadn’t tried it (with one of the latest prototypes we handed out during SHOT Show) and prompted me to give it a try. That third point of contact against your cheek really gives you a great amount of stability. (I guess three points really do determine a plane. Who knew that junior high school geometry would come in handy some day?) And the recoil of 5.56mm or .300 BLK or even 7.62mm x 39 is easily managed with just one or two hands. :) And according to my contacts at FTISB, two hands on a pistol doesn’t “automagically” redesign the pistol into an AOW—regardless of what the “interwebs” say.

We start shipping here in a few weeks. $54.95 plus $4 shipping.

For more information on the Blade pistol stabilizer, click here.

If you would like to get on the Blade notification list, please email us.

Press Release: Shockwave Responds to BATFE Open Letter on Sig Braces

Salt Lake City, UT (January 21, 2015)—Shockwave Technologies has issued the following statement about the BATFE open letter on Sig braces.

The January 16, 2015 BATFE open letter, OPEN LETTER ON THE REDESIGN OF “STABILIZING BRACES,” is limited to the SB Tactical product line and does not affect Shockwave Technologies products.

As confirmed in a letter by BATFE’s Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch dated December 15, 2014, the Shockwave Technologies Blade pistol stabilizer is legal to purchase, legal to own, legal to install, and legal to use on a pistol. Shockwave Technologies believes that the Blade improves marksmanship by providing additional support of a pistol while a user still holds and operates it with one hand. The company offers the product as an add-on accessory.

“We obviously defend the classification of every one of our products. And customers, of course, have the right to use them legally,” stated Marty Ewer, owner of Shockwave Technologies.


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